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C&G: planning for the end

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Nov 20 2001 12:02

City & Guilds College Union has been formulating contingency plans for its own abolition.

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Nov 20 2001 13:51

does that mean i won't have to chair any more CGCU councils?

2. Dan L   
Nov 20 2001 14:00

It seems sensible to consider all options, but I suppose we just wait and see what happens tonight.

Nov 20 2001 15:33

*thud* *thud* *thud* *thud*

*thud* *thud* *thud* *thud*

*thud* *thud* *thud* *thud*

*thud* *thud* *thud* *thud*

(head banging against brick wall)

4. Lorne   
Nov 20 2001 15:50

Doesn't anybody care about students anymore?

Nov 20 2001 17:05

The Internship Centre is an extremely valuable service to all Imperial College students and the internship jobs have been created by the kind offers of the CGCA Alumni. Suspending the service would be a big loss to students as it provides a one stop gateway for summer jobs. We have only begun to form relationships with employers which we hope that in time will strenghten industry/university links. The lack of expenditure is not because the Internship Centre is not active but it is because mailshots and events etc do not cost as much money. However, the internship centre is growing with departmental careers offices wanting to use it too. A lot of work has been put in by a lot of people to get the Internship Centre up and running and it needs to grow and not get entangled in union politics. Lets not blow it at this stage already!

Atul Rana

Internship Centre Co-ordinator

6. Sunil   
Nov 20 2001 20:07

I don't see what effect an abolition of the CGCU will have on the running of the Internship Centre.

After all, the CGCA itself will still exist and will maintain links with whoever representing the Engineering and Management students of Imperial in the future.

Nov 21 2001 09:33

Assuming anyone is representing the engineering and management students in the future, and assuming that there is enough of a structure at that level in place to organise and manage such a complex project.

Nov 21 2001 10:21

Are you lot going to do do a single bloody thing for your members? There isn't one news article link anywhere on this page that's related to student activity, events, issues etc. All the news stories are constitutional (or just weird). Do something useful with your time!

Nov 21 2001 13:48

Hear hear!

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