Wed 21 Feb 2018
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Council decides (almost)

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Nov 21 2001 13:42

No end to the waiting game as ICU’s Emergency Council meeting resolves to spend another three weeks reviewing the Union’s structure.

Nov 21 2001 17:52

Holy fuck.

Nov 21 2001 18:52

Just thank small mercies that ICU has avoided the set-up that we have here at Queen Mary!

I would have thought that a previous meeting would have set up a Constitutional Review Advisory Group (CRAG - I bet that hasn't been used before)... well done Mr Heeps for getting one set up!

So, RSM will be a sub-committee of C&CGU - I would have thought suicide would have been a better option :P

One assumes that all this essentially means that AAOs and Ed Reps are just essentially promoted to "CCU President" status... something that was dicussed back in the 1995-6 Councils when Ms White wanted Matt Szyndel on ICU Exec...

Full circle/history repeats spring to mind. No doubt deja vu will happen again in five more years.

Nov 21 2001 19:48

Q. how do you know when something is an absolute waste of time?

A. when you know someone else will re-do it all in 1, 2 or maybe even 5 years.

If you're not laughing, maybe you are the joke.

Nov 22 2001 12:27

I prefer "Constitutional Review Advisory Panel"


Nov 22 2001 21:17

Sucide was indeed an option that I have fully considered. But we are still alive and now united as never before! We ll be back!

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