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Who is the cutest sabb?

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Nov 21 2001 17:26

"Live!" Poll to determine who the cutest ICU sabb is

1. stef   
Nov 21 2001 17:47

but you've forgot the medical one, whose name I can't remember.

Nov 21 2001 17:55

They all crack mirrors at fifty paces.

Nov 21 2001 23:51

Stop! Stop! Stop! You're doing this all wrong!

In this cold and harsh environment only the most vicious of political animals can survive. This vote needs to go to AAC (An Arsey Committee), and then go to SAC (Stupid Apathy Creator), before going to the ultimate flip-board + pen wielding committee (ICU Council) ? which will of course decide everything should be done by EXEC (EXECute me please!). And it will be all out welfare - sorry - warfare throughout : dead or alive "folks"; Infinite Justice, Enduring Trash, crusade etcetera.

When it all finally goes to a student ballot, the male dominant student populous will decide the best looking of five... males. A truly Imperial Experience.

Nov 22 2001 05:26

Now Stef, don't be silly, the medic isn't a REAL sabb, unlike the Felix editor, who also isn't, but is...

I think they all look like the Addams Family, anyway. High office clearly does not sit well with any of them; they all looked pained at Council on Tuesday. The CCU Presidents, on the other hand, look positively fresh and invigorated.

Nov 22 2001 10:40

At the start of the year ICU insisted that there were 4 'proper' sabbs, now there are 5 when infact there are 6. Does ICU have an identity problem or is it just a superiority thing ...

6. Lloyd   
Nov 22 2001 11:07

There's a linguistic thing here.

There are 6 sabbaticals.

The Felix Editor is *not* an officer of the Union.

The president of the Medical Union is an officer who happens to be a sabbatical.

The other 4 are "the sabbatical officers".

The sabb officers have the automatic right to sit on certain ICU committees, which the president of a CCU does not have (though he/she has that right for his/her CCU's committees).

7. stef   
Nov 22 2001 11:24

I have just been asked to suggest a poll for who was the cutest of last years sabbs. This is from a guy who thinks Hamish is really cute and lovely, but he does have terrible taste in men, so i'll forgive him:)

should I? or alternatively how about 'which is the campest current sabb?'

Nov 22 2001 12:25

As long as it doesn't turn into "the cutest sabb from the last ten years", coz I hate losing...


9. stef   
Nov 22 2001 12:55


I would say i'd vote for you Andy, but that would be a lie:)

10. Sam   
Nov 23 2001 00:33

Don't start a poll you'll definitely lose guys...

i think you know i'm the real winner here

Nov 23 2001 00:38

We said CUTEST not BALDEST - although I could start to enter that one too!


Nov 23 2001 12:11

All this talk of sabbs is elitist. We need a poll on the cutest exec. member from last year :-)

13. stef   
Nov 23 2001 12:47

That would be Scully

14. Lorne   
Nov 23 2001 15:26

I'm hurt Stef - I always thought you and I had ...

Nov 23 2001 22:37

Oh please! Continue! This is gossip par excellence!

16. stef   
Nov 26 2001 14:58

Lorne there was only one balding sabb from last year for me, and sadly that wasn't you.

Nov 26 2001 15:04

Yes, it was Stef!!!!


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