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How should ICU meet the Faculty Challenge?

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Nov 22 2001 12:44

In a Heeps on... special, Andy outlines a potted solution to the whole Faculty debacle

Nov 22 2001 13:29

Exactly! What's all the bloody fuss!

Nov 22 2001 14:29

A very fair proposal from a very fair man ... at least you don't have to take any clothes off now for having an opinion.

Nov 22 2001 14:46

I think I agree with the bit about the Medics' union, as that seems to work for them. But I'm not convinced that the CCUs provide good cover for education & welfare issues.

Also, is the divide between the Faculties the right way to handle E&W? Are the problems for students in a single faculty so similar, or for those in different faculties so different, that it should be dealt with seperately by faculties?

Maybe the faculties will be Chinese walls, stopping best practise being shared between the students and welfare representatives of different faculties.

Or is the faculty structure (for South Kensington at least) just another layer of bureaucracy? Should we just centralise everything?

Nov 22 2001 15:46

Sykes creates faculties because he preferred to talk to half a dozen people (who could talk to their constituents) rather than talk to 52 people himself. Chinese Walls or Crowded Market-Place?

Nov 22 2001 16:42

Personally CCUs should either remain (perhaps swapping a few departments around if _really_ necessary) or the entire lot should go and be replaced with slimline (!) Faculty Associations. The two-and-a-half-tier setup proposed seems to be utter chaos :)

Now, if you had had a Sloppy Rubber-stamp Council as we have here, the Exec would have said "jump" and Council would have wet its nappy and bowed!

Nov 22 2001 16:59

Sorry Rob, but I can't agree with you. The two-and-a-half tier system gives the majority of students what THEY want - which our sabbatical officers should remember once in a while.

Nov 22 2001 19:23

I hope that whatever is decided, is done with a sense of finality; I really hope the discussion doesn't continue into the 2002-2003 academic year.

Nov 23 2001 00:31

I hope it does continue into 2002-2003 - it's much more interesting then most of the Council bitching i have to put up with

Nov 23 2001 00:39

Shut up, Sam.

Nov 23 2001 11:38

Previous experience tells me that it will continue every academic year!

I was looking forward, after Hamish's review, to a year when Union officers could concentrate on giving something to students rather than spending all their free time preparing constitutional papers for council. Sadly, this is not going to be the case.

One way to avoid this bureaucracy on a student activities level - arguably the most important activity of the Union - is to adopt the CSC reporting structure in the new faculty structures.

This will mean students have access to the facilities and expertise of the Union without the constant lack of communication existing between CCU committees.


Nov 23 2001 12:08

Sadly, I think David is correct in conjecturing that this sort of thing will continue next year. It seems to me that one of the few advantages to abolishing the CCUs completely, is that it will remove the CCU debate from ICU, and, hopefully allow ICU to be more useful to the students.

Nov 23 2001 12:53

Presuming that the Faculty of Engineering = C&GCU and the Faculty of Medicine = ICMSU then there is already a perfectly adequate reporting structure in place.

Nov 23 2001 13:14

If the two-and-a-half-tier system is what the majority of students want, then why fiddle with the current CCU set-up? Promoting AAOs/Ed Reps to full ICU officers (as suggested 5/6 years ago)?

Anyway, guys, best of luck sorting all this out! And I'm sure Andy relishes the chance to steer the C.R.A.P. working party :)

I hope Southside will have some decent beer tomorrow afternoon - I know it's going to be open all day cuz of the darts :)

Nov 25 2001 08:58

Southside never has any decent beer. You should drink at the Union (hear, hear...)

Nov 25 2001 19:31

Given the choice, I always will. Giving money to the Union is a good investment :)

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