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Vermin taking over IC

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Nov 23 2001 18:19

The problem of pests at Imperial College extends well beyond the ICU sabbaticals

Nov 23 2001 19:01

Why does the Rector need a ?40,000 kitchen.

Nov 23 2001 19:05

Presumably he spends a lot of time cooking...

Nov 23 2001 22:35

I bet his maid earns less than a quarter of the cost of the kitchen...

Surely ?40,000 could've been better spent preventing Southside from self-destructing before the refit (although maybe that wouldn't be such a bad thing...)

Nov 23 2001 22:36

See, I always said we needed more pussy at Imperial...


Nov 24 2001 09:48

Southside needs ?30,000,000, I believe. ?40,000 isn't going to make much difference.

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