Mon 19 Feb 2018
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C&G “obsessed with poker”

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Dec 21 2001 21:41

City & Guilds College Union’s Service Evaluation Questionnaires have revealed serious concerns that the Executive Committee is obsessed with a certain card game.

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Dec 21 2001 23:00

At last someone has recognised that CCU clubs are happy with their CCU's admin!! If only ICU would listen to us! Keep the CCU's - they represent the people.

Dec 22 2001 11:10

More importantly, everyone has recognised the critical Poker problems and are making best efforts to solve them!

Dec 22 2001 12:55

Doh! Better hide the Roulette wheel in the office too before there's another gambling outbreak :-)

Dec 22 2001 19:44

Does this mean that we should cancel our plans for "C&G Poker Academy" on Wednesday evenings ? I hear the Grosvenor Casino is very keen on sponsoring it.

Dec 24 2001 22:18

Either that or you should consider moving it to Tuesday evenings so it clashes with ICU Council...

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