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Sports Centre 33% price hike

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Jan 03 2002 21:50

The Sports Centre continues Imperial College’s policy of ripping-off students.

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Jan 03 2002 21:58


that story would put Kevin to shame, it's as vague and sensationalist as you could possibly be. Where do they get these reporters?

Anyway, St Mary's Gym is student run, hence it is cheaper. There are no staff cost overheads. Nor is ICU charged for the space usage of the gym at St Mary's. The pool is of a smaller size and lower quality, hence entry is cheaper.

The same goes for the ICU Free Weights Gym, as my friend Mr Jalisi will no doubt admit. They have no cost outgoings for Staff, they get a generous grant for equipment from ICU... in fact they could probably charge their members a lot less than ?20 a year and still make money hand over fist.

Sorry guys, but the College Sports Centre works very differently. Having seen it's accounts several times, i know it gets a grant from College, it is *not* self-financing. In other words College is losing money on it.

Grow up and face fiscal realities. IC is not "ripping off students" it's simply balancing costs versus income.

Jan 04 2002 09:44

Has Sam been employed as Tony Mitcheson's spin doctor?

Jan 04 2002 09:48

How could St Mary's pool be any smaller or of lower quality than the Imperial one? Are people swimming in a dirty puddle or what?

Jan 04 2002 11:29

...and ULU have an Olympic size swimming pool for which they charge about the same amount as IC do for a swim.

Jan 04 2002 14:18

...and ULU subsidises it with our money...

6. stef   
Jan 07 2002 12:38

so ulu pool is still haemorrhaging money. how little changes in three years

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