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ICU webserver is back!

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Jan 07 2002 16:19

After a month of trials and tribulations the ICU web server is finally visible above the shimmering barrier of the college firewall.

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1. Sam   
Jan 07 2002 18:38

not all forms have been processed...

the webserver is still inaccessible from outside college - which frankly sucks...

but i'll be harassing the relevant bods at the first opportunity.

(oh, and our server doesn't look like that, you've pictured something with a vertically mounted floppy drive, whereas ours is mounted in the second 3.5" bay. [[Dell web site]|] although allsop is a 1300)

2. Sam   
Jan 07 2002 20:07


well i can access the webserver form outside college so i guess so can all of you...

ho hum, and hooray for form filling.


Jan 07 2002 21:33

Hey, I have a nasty-looking Dell Poweredge just like that sitting here under my desk... actually, they're wonderful machines - it has cool air blasting out of it and it helps to keep the room cool (there's a boiler right above it!)

Jan 08 2002 02:02

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5. Wank   
Jan 08 2002 02:30


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