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Graduates facing a tough time

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Jan 10 2002 11:36

A recent survey by the Association of Graduate Recruiters gave a warning that many graduates will face a challenge finding a job as employers cut down on recruitment.

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Jan 10 2002 15:28

The words "survival of the fittest" spring to mind ;op

Jan 10 2002 16:38

Sounds like a good time to take a year out. Or twenty.

Jan 10 2002 19:50

Ahhh... so that's the motivation for sabbatical office?

Jan 13 2002 15:50

Well, it's good motivation for what I'm thinking of doing next year - Voluntary service overseas.

VSO send out maths graduates to teach in developing countries for two years.

It sounds more rewarding than trying desperately hard to become a very small cog in some huge corporate machine. And a lot more rewarding than doing a sabbatical.

Jan 13 2002 15:57

Oh. That's ok. I was getting worried about your sense of priorities in life...

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