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Works starts on Tanaka building

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Jan 17 2002 11:38

Mech Eng building begins to disappear as the construction of the world's second largest greenhouse gets under way.

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Jan 17 2002 14:09

It's going to look awful. Absolutely bloody awful.

Who on earth thought that just because we'd see it through a huge amount of windows, the MechEng building would suddenly look like a great architectural achievement? And who the hell agreed with them and threw millions of pounds at it?

Still, at least it'll look a bit better than CivEng which is, ironically, the most ugly building in college (although it has a lot of stiff opposition).

Jan 17 2002 20:33

Wow, MechEng looks better already... maybe they should just cover the whole place in chipboard and spend the millions on a new kitchen for the rector...

Jan 18 2002 10:45

Oh stop moaning - you're getting getting investment that most other unis can only dream of so shut up and stop complaining.

Jan 18 2002 14:18

I'm not complaining about the investment - I love it when people chuck their money about. Especially when they're chucking it in my direction. I'm just complaining about what they chose to spend it on.

Is it meant to be some new kind of biosphere, so College can watch to see how a large population of students gradually go insane under contolled conditions? Or is an attempt by Imperial to blend in seemlessly with the surrounding architecture?

5. Dan L   
Jan 18 2002 17:19

If you had gone to the Rector's talk this afternoon, you would know the ?27 million given to IC was under the constraint that it would be spent on the Management school. So stop complaining.

Jan 18 2002 22:41

That's the key point in all of this ... the new management building is the main target for the money which can only be a good thing. And at least the place might look good from a distance (prospectus photos).

If it wasn't for the greenhouse, we wouldn't have the money. It's not like College is paying out for the whole thing itself.

Jan 21 2002 11:20


*Goes and sulks in the corner*

Jan 21 2002 22:52

Stay there then.

Jan 22 2002 14:08


Talk about knowing when you're not wanted.

*mutter mutter mutter*

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