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Glaxo admit wonder antidepressant addictive

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Jan 24 2002 13:34

World's largest drug company guilty of misleading public- but how many IC students are hooked?

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1. sam   
Jan 24 2002 16:21



say 100 students in college take it, side effects in 1/1000 people, that's 10% of a single student.

not particularly relevant is it?

2. John   
Jan 24 2002 18:34

You didn't actually read that article very closely, did you mate?

Jan 24 2002 20:24

For those who can't be bothered to look through the whole article, the figure is 2% of patients. Also, due to the large amounts of stress and depression suffered by students in this place, and the health centre's comparative willingness to give them out, I would say that 500 was a more likely figure for number of students taking it. That gives 10 students affected.

Very relevant.

4. sam   
Jan 25 2002 16:45

actually i got bored with it after the first paragraph. It looked to me like a thinly disguised dig at Sir Richard. Maybe i was wrong, i'll re-read it.

so let me get this straight...

it is habit-forming in 2% of people. Lets say 500 people in college take it ( i'm using Adrian's numbers )...

Lets approximate the number of staff and students in college to a nice round 15000, so that 500 people is 3% of college. The ten people who actually experience side-effects represent something like 0.06% of college.

To summarise, 3% of college should care, 0.06% are actually affected. Relevance?

i suspect that depression is worse than addiction.

5. John   
Jan 25 2002 17:29

It is, but on the other hand, we're talking about a vulnerable group in society, the last thing they need is becoming addicted without being informed of the dangers, well known amongst doctors for a long period of time.

Also, if the stories I've been told about the health centre are true & I have no reason to doubt, 100% of College should be at least slightly concerned about such heartless treatment. Or am I being sentimental again?

I'd still argue a medical scandal of this scale was more relevant than C&G's new name :)

Jan 28 2002 20:02

I think the C&G name is far more relevant. :)

Mar 08 2004 22:48

Coming off paroxetine is horrible. I'm doing it now. I feel sick, dizzy and have the electric shock sensation. It's a very different sensation from nicotine withdrawal! I wish I'd known about this aspect before I started taking it.

8. John   
Mar 16 2004 23:02

It's a horrible sensation, Elisabeth, and I hope by now you're feeling better.

Best wishes


Jun 24 2005 15:25

hi i have stopped taking paroxertine what side affects should i expect i have been on them for over 2years

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