Sun 18 Feb 2018
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C&G website ‘migration’ foiled again

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Jan 26 2002 16:58

Imperial’s ‘firewall’ continues to cause chaos for the Union.

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1. Sam   
Jan 26 2002 17:03

ummm, i was looking forward to a quiet week...

and i have no clue what's wrong. you can access it from the machine room, and ccs network, but it appears dead from elsewhere.

Jan 26 2002 19:23

*bangs head against wall*

Jan 26 2002 19:26

I've been looking forward to a quiet week since late October.

Still waiting...

4. Sam   
Jan 27 2002 00:29

*stands behind Andy and provides extra force for the banging*


Jan 27 2002 13:13

It's alright Sam, my hair will provide cushioning....

6. Sunil   
Jan 28 2002 14:06



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