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VOTE: Mustafa Arif

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Feb 08 2002 17:12

Mustafa finally makes a decision that’s good for the Union.

Feb 08 2002 17:21

I thought Live! wasn't allowed to comment on elections??

2. Sam   
Feb 08 2002 17:52

They can't have biased coverage, once the election has started, as they must be fair to all candidates. In this case, Live! does not seem to know whether Mustafa is actually standing or not, so he can hardly be called a candidate.

Anyway Live! isn't bound by ULU regulations, only ICU and CGCU ones. This means that I'm not even sure Live! have to be fair to all candidates in ULU elections. They certainly will not be commenting on the ICU or CGCU elections (except to acknowledge that they exist)

Feb 08 2002 18:44

Thanks for clearing that up.

Feb 08 2002 20:19

But ULU has already been privatised...

Feb 08 2002 20:51

You mean that someone actually edits London Student?

Feb 10 2002 15:30

So are you going to run? And if so, for which position?

Feb 10 2002 15:30

Peter, I'm sure you can make an educated guess ;-)

Feb 11 2002 15:33

Even if Mustafa does stand, he can hardly be considered a viable candidate... ;0)

P.S. We could privatise Live!... The Motor Club needs the money...

9. Dan L   
Feb 11 2002 23:09

Why don't we privatise the ICU finance office?

Feb 12 2002 01:51

The ICU Finance Office is already privatised - IC students run it!

And, Mustafa, please wash your mouth out with soap and water! London "spit" student is far too left-wing to mention on any IC server! And I officially deny the rumour that I will be standing for ULU Council Chair... so ner :)

Feb 13 2002 17:21

Well, my votes for President and VP (Sports) are sewn up already, so if he's contesting either of those...

Incidentally, do we think the turnout will exceed 120 this year? (Still twice as many as when the ULU Council clique elected the sabbs...)

Feb 13 2002 17:51

Right, let's clear this up. Yes, I did ask for a nomination pack from ULU. No I didn't do anything with it. Its still sitting in my pigeon hole. (And with the deadline being 12pm this Friday, it is very unlikely that I shall be standing.)

So there.

Mar 07 2002 21:36

Mustafa, I thought you said you thought ULU was a bunch of pants-y muppets with no students who serve no-one but themselves.

And something about being a bunch of politcally correct lefties who are simply not able to find a proper job

Mar 07 2002 22:03

I'm sure Rob Davenport will have something to say to that...

Mar 07 2002 23:32

The democratically elected new ULU VP (Sports)? *sigh*

16. bet   
Feb 27 2004 16:57

Interesting how the President has rolled out the joint ICU/ULU card, giving Imperial College the largest block of votes in ULU.

?1000 says he'll run for ULU president next year.

Feb 28 2004 20:07

The ULU/ICU cards where not the brainchild of Mr Arif, but the previous administration.

All UL colleges were given the option last year, but only ICU took ULU up on the offer.

Mar 01 2004 23:43

Having first proposed a joint card with ULU, as an ICU Executive Officer (C&G President) back in May 2002, the intention being for it to be in place for that October. It didn't happen that year due to a lack of political will at ULU and when it eventually went to ULU Council in May 2003 it was a pretty close vote. Many delegates were suspicious that it was a sinister plot for IC to swamp the ULU elections but the strong support of the (non-IC) ULU sabbs helped get it through. Other Colleges were offered it but chose not to take it up. This year several of the other large Colleges have expressed an interest and are likely to have joint cards next year. If I'd wanted to shoe myself in as ULU President on the back of IC block vote I'd have done it this year not next year when that 'advantage' is gone. In any case, I'll wager that QM will decide (again) who wins because they put computers in their Union foyer every year and tell their students to vote for 'their' candidates. I think its wrong for candidates in ULU elections to be thought as being from College blocks, in the same way that candidates in ICU elections shouldn't be thought of as being from departmental blocks.

Mar 01 2004 23:48

Apologies for the incoherence of that last post - I need to go to bed.

20. amram   
Mar 03 2004 00:04

With who?

21. pedant   
Mar 03 2004 15:31

should be with whom!

Mar 03 2004 17:08

stop being such a pedenta, ppl sn spesj however they wilke

Oct 21 2005 07:42

"Mustafa Arif... <dramatic pause>... University College"

The beast of ULU Council is back... any money on a presidential bid?

24. ic-er   
Oct 21 2005 09:27

Certainly *A* presidential bid, but which one?

UCL, ULU or straight to the NUS?

Oct 21 2005 11:04

Word on the ground is that he's considering NUS. Obviously he can't run for UCL because he's already been a sabb for two years at IC...

Oct 21 2005 12:24


UCL may not be out of the question - S22 EA94

"(f) a person should not hold sabbatical union office, or paid elected union office, for more than two years in total at the establishment;"

If establishment is defined at the College level rather than the University, then he could stand for a UCL sabb.

27. tom t   
Oct 21 2005 12:31


that would improve his credibility, well at least a little bit.

Maybe he'll try to be the office manager at NUS instead of the president. A role he cherishes.

Plus the NUS have a much bigger budget to spend, mostly money from student unions across the country. Hmm I heard that the NUS building needs refurbishment too.

28. Sid   
Oct 21 2005 14:09

I heard that he was running for the position of President of GSA at UCL and Shrenik Patel was running for some form of activities officer. Neither of the positions are a sabbatical.

29. Sam   
Oct 23 2005 23:49

I've heard a lot of things over the years Sid. Some of them have even been from one M Arif. I have learned to be cautious in the absence of documentation and having looking on, there's no mention of what the election results were or who was standing.

30. Sid   
Oct 24 2005 23:17


I have it from extremely good sources that Mustafa is now Graduate Studies President at UCL. Although I do agree with your point.

Oct 25 2005 14:00

It's worse that that - not only is Arif now GSA President, his puppy (Shrenik) is also the GSA Vice President (Events)

The Guilds Empire continues to expand...

32. Anon   
Nov 04 2005 11:23

And now that the ULU President has resigned, is Mustafa going to go for the vacancy?

33. no...   
Nov 06 2005 13:50

According to London Student no one will fill the vacancy, the DP's will take up the slack- now what does that suggest about their workload?

34. Anon   
Nov 06 2005 14:33

Erm where does it say that explicitly? ULU regulations are clear that there should be a by-election. The statement on the website looks like a "how this will be handled immediately" thing.

Nov 07 2005 16:01

It says that explicitly within the London Student coverage of the situation- so not exactly definitive truth, I suspect.

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