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Where is the RAG spirit at the Beit Towers?

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Feb 19 2002 17:34

C&G Vice President disgusted as ICU Sabbatical Officers decide that they are above the Hit Squad.

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1. idris   
Feb 19 2002 17:40

now that's a question for hustings...

2. Aqeel   
Feb 19 2002 20:27

Planting questions already, Idris?

Feb 20 2002 08:28

You should do a whip-round at Council - you would have enough to flan all the sabbs about ten-times over then!

I still recall when St Mary's kidnapped Sarah White (ICU president) for 24 hrs - ICU denied any knowledge of Sarah and refused to pay the ransom. She missed a meeting with the Rector, Exec and Wine Committee. The Union was probably better off for it!

And if you thumb through Rachel Walters' felixes, you may find some rather derogatory comments towards me by the infamous editor-in-chief. I can't for the life of me understand why she was so put-out when I chained her (after she was flanned by the Hit Squad) to the rails in Da Vinci's... perhaps it was the request for 20 quid for RAG and the fact that it was 12 hrs before the print deadline... ho hummm

Feb 20 2002 11:45

Well, I brought this up in Council, but to no avail.

Personally, I think that anyone who is too anal to realise that this is a bit of fun to raise money for charity is going to have big problems in later life.

Feb 20 2002 14:10

I was asked for my opinion as a member of Exec. I think its a fantastic idea, especially if all the HoDs agreed to it... (methinks Jeff Kramer(DoC) has got a grudge on some other members of staff and he wants pay back ;-) )

6. Aqeel   
Feb 20 2002 22:05

Surely the plural of felix is felices?

Feb 21 2002 21:52

Why is there nothing here about the sabbs no-show at the C&G Slave Auction?!?!?

They ought to be no-confidenced for failing to take part in RAG.

Feb 21 2002 22:32

Well there was a darn good show from everyone in C&G and beyond who have thrown themselves wholeheartedly into RAG Week, we've nearly made it to ?10,000 already! Thank you everyone who turned out for the event, and a big thanks to Nick, Sam, Shovi, Mustafa, Dan, IC Radio and STOIC everyone else who helped make it a wicked event. Over ?500 was pledged i believe? Nice one boys & girls!

See you all on the Queen's Lawn tomorrow from 12, and if you're free then get your school uniform on we'll send you out on the Milkround City Raid for last minute hassling for cash.

Don't forget your school tie!



PS check for updates and an... interesting picture... of the C&G team... it was a challenge, it was for charity, OK?

Feb 22 2002 00:54

Pretty good photo from C&G! Just to say a big thank you to Helen for eveything she has done so far this week for RAG, and well done to C&G for the slave auction!

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