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Bumper Day for the Hit Squad

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Feb 21 2002 22:49

Today saw the C&G Hit Squad burst into action, dispensing rough justice in the JCR with brutal abandon.

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1. Aqeel   
Feb 22 2002 09:54

Getting creamed in the face was a dream come true for Shovi

Feb 22 2002 10:16

I don't think it was anywhere near as bad as Stuart Davis licking the cream off Shovi...

3. Shovi   
Feb 22 2002 12:25

Shut it Aqeel! I can still smell that cream! Well done to the RAG crew, they raised shit loads of money for the Shooting Star trust.

Feb 22 2002 15:46

Well, for my part, I thought that the cream tasted wonderful when mixed with the sweat of thirty years of C&G hacks from Shovi's jacket.

For some amusing pictures on what me, Dan Climas and Andy Allan got up to on the London Raid, look at

Feb 24 2002 14:41

Click here to see a video of a member of the STOIC crew getting hit.

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