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Imperial Book Place in Final

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Feb 25 2002 23:14

Edinburgh swept aside as Imperial gains a chance to be the first team to win a third University Challenge

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Feb 26 2002 09:49

Mrs Fennell appears to be doing the hand jive!

Feb 26 2002 13:51

This statement from the Edinburgh team: "Actually, we threw the match. The humourless cadaver responsible for 'grooming' the Imperial team offered a substantial (and as yet undisclosed) sum in return for this forfeit."

3. Aqeel   
Feb 26 2002 17:42

Those two guys on the left of the Edinburgh team look like right twats.

Feb 26 2002 22:37

Surely you mean Left??

Or do you mean their right?

5. Aqeel   
Feb 26 2002 23:41

I said left! I mean their right.

6. Atul   
Feb 27 2002 11:22


Feb 27 2002 11:35

"Farquar Dirigible" - I have deleted your posts. If you wish to repost your comments pls do so with a less offensive email address.

Feb 27 2002 12:44

Those two guys on the right of the Imperial team look like right twats....then again so do the ones on the left


Feb 27 2002 13:17

Incidentally the reply claiming to be a "statement from the Edinburgh team" was actually sent from a computer at Edinburgh University.

10. Emily   
Mar 13 2002 18:43

hey! warner and gregory (edinburgh) have great style! dont be so rude! i think it's pretty damn cool! they look bloomin' excellent! :)

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