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NUS, in or out? - You Decide

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Feb 28 2002 18:14

The ICU President outlines the forthcoming referendum on ICU's affiliation to the National Union of Students.

1. Aqeel   
Feb 28 2002 18:55


Feb 28 2002 19:39

Hmmmm... interesting choice of author given that i hear on the grapevine that he has been recruited to speak in a debate against entry.

Feb 28 2002 19:46

This article is as approved by the Returning Committee governing the NUS referendum.

The article was published with the consent of the Returning Officer.

Mar 01 2002 10:28

does the returning officer know that the author has been recruited though? that is the q.

Mar 01 2002 10:53

As Returning Officer for the NUS referendum I wish to confirm that the article was approved on the basis that it is impartial and was produced by the author in his capacity as Returning Officer.

The regulations state that media must attempt to produce a fair and balanced debate; which this article does not contravene.

It is important that the student body is given an impartial explanation of the NUS, which this article hopefully goes some way to providing.

I would like to have taken credit for it, but it wasn't written by me.

6. stef   
Mar 01 2002 12:15

Please also note there is UCMC (i.e. NUS Wales) which is made up of three areas, NUS Scotland and the NUS in Northern Ireland (name of which escapes me).

Mar 01 2002 13:08

This is categorically the most boring article that has ever been written for any purpose. Ever.

8. Atul   
Mar 01 2002 13:26

Yeah, the essence of this argument will have to be simplified, should be interesting what the poster campaigns will show.

Mar 01 2002 14:19

well since it wasn't written by the current returning officer and is alledgedly the most boring thing ever written maybe it should be taken down?

Mar 03 2002 10:50

No. It is factually accurate. It doesn't breach any election or referendum regulations. And its a free press. So it won't be removed.

But yes, it is rubbish.

Mar 03 2002 14:04

Everyone knows my views, so I shall draw the attention of the readership and the Returning Committee to Sen's slightly misphrased statement about the United Kingdom and Northern Ireland. NI is part of the UK. Period. I trust this was just a slip of the political pen and not a knock at the Union that is this nation! :)

Mar 04 2002 18:01

Well, according to my passport, the correct name for this country is the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northen Ireland. Hence, obviously, Northern Ireland is part of the UK, but not Great Britain. I hope that clears up the pedantry.

As for the rest of the article, it's perfectly fair, even though it's been written by someone who has declared their opinion on the matter, as it is unbiased. And yes, it's as boring as hell.

And, of course, I'll be joining the "No" campaign.

Mar 05 2002 07:03

Indeed. Quite right.

It will be most impressive is you get the required 15 % minimum turnout... still a nice resounding "No - NUS you are the weakest link, GOODBYE" vote would be nice :)

Mar 05 2002 21:19

Reading London Student was most fascinating... no surprise over the identity of either campaign manager. Obviously not a lot has changed since I left IC...

15. Aqeel   
Mar 05 2002 21:52

Hmmm....I think Dave Francis is only a recent convert to the NUS. Over the summer he was, by all accounts, totally against it.

16. Adrian   
Mar 06 2002 04:17

Aqeel is right, David stated as much at a recent council, when he announced that he was volunteering to run the yes campaign. Andy, of course, was a pretty sure bet though :o)

Mar 06 2002 16:55

Have you seen the number of NUS stickers that were (the last time I was over there) all over his office door?

18. Adrian   
Mar 07 2002 03:28

If that is the case, surely that is a breach of referenda regulations, due to David using his position in the Union to unfair advantage for his campaign? Anyone involved in campaigning is supposed to do so on equal terms whether they are a random student or a sabatical with an office in the union building. David would surely have to give an equal amount of space on his door for the NO capaign posters!

19. Sam   
Mar 07 2002 13:55

In DavID's defense, those stickers are actually advertising a march against Student Debt, which 16000 people attended. They do not specifically advertise the NUS.

We do all agree that student debt is a bad thing don't we?

Mar 07 2002 20:25

No. Every emperor needs subservients.

Mar 07 2002 21:17

How could anyone possibly contemplate rigging a referendum... I know of no cases, what about you, londonstatto?

Tony Blair looked quite trendy wine-bar-ish in that stripy jumper at the Commonwealth Heads of Goverment meeting in Oz :)

Mar 07 2002 23:46

As you well know, Rob, provided that the rules under which a referendum is held have been democratically framed (as I believe the ICU Referendum Regulations have); further provided, that the Returning Officer and any deputy or deputies are fair and neutral (something on which I have no comment on the forthcoming ICU referendum as I have never met Mr Rolls), then it would prove nearly impossible for anyone to rig a referendum.

Whereas I don't believe that the current ICU NUS affiliation referendum is, therefore, institutionally biased, it would (in theory) be possible for a corrupt Executive Committee of a hypothetical students' union to permit and encourage a referendum to be unfairly conducted, which could lead to a referendum merely acting as a rubber-stamping of that committee's wishes. Obviously, this would be unthinkable.

I'm going to stop right there before I include any more Park/Londonstatto in-jokes; I think I reached four in that comment/rant. ;)

Mar 07 2002 23:59

I would hardly call it a "joke". I hold my principles close to me, something which is sadly lacking with some I meet/have known/know/the NUS...

Mar 08 2002 00:33

I feel you're being a little harsh on the NUS, Rob.

It has a principle: to arse-lick Blair and his cronies.

Mar 09 2002 12:14

?35,000 annual affiliation fee, eh? You must have done a deal with Owain James - so he lied to me last year... says it all really!

QM gets a similar %subvention compared to ICU and yet QM's annual affiliation (for 9000 students) is ?43,000.

And no one has mentioned to ?000's for conferences and other needless meetings... plus the opt-in costs with NUSSL... and the cost of "NUS training" for officers...

The picture of Owain James in Londonstudent appears to show that he has gained a little weight - must be those 4.5 hour meetings about the "ethics" of chocolate muffins....

26. Adrian   
Mar 12 2002 10:49

Why do none of the three websites about the referendum actually tell you when and where the debates are going to be? Not even the official icu site (well, page) for the referendum tells you this. Fortunately it is here on live, in the Events Calendar. :o)

27. cynic   
Mar 12 2002 14:32

Yeah. Sack the Referendum Committee - they are all USELESS.

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