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RAG Week raised ?10,000.00

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Mar 03 2002 22:54

After the abysmal reporting from Live! on RAG week, someone has to do it properly.

Mar 03 2002 22:59

Where is my friend Bolt?

2. Sam   
Mar 03 2002 23:01

I could give you so many suggestions of where to put it when you find it....

3. Ash   
Mar 03 2002 23:11

Nice one Sam.

Mar 03 2002 23:29

Actually that ?100,000 figure really does make you think - why don't we all just chuck a tenner in at the beginning of the year and be done with it?

Only kidding...

5. Atul   
Mar 04 2002 14:35

Pretty good, well done RAG team!

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