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College closed!

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Mar 06 2002 14:05

The main entrance to college off exhibition road, is now closed, as building work expands to Mech Eng

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Mar 07 2002 03:37

Well, at least this means that College got a good deal on the old building, if it's so tough they can't get it out of the way to build the new one!

I think this is one of those "they don't make 'em like they used to" moments...

Shame about the new CHP plant, eh? They wont have much trouble demolishing that in 5 years, let alone 30.

2. idris   
Mar 07 2002 11:07

I agree. It's a tremendous shame about the CHP plant. In fact, I haven't slept for months just worrying about it. Poor old CHP plant I think to myself. I only finally drift off when I manage to cry myself to sleep.

3. Sam   
Mar 07 2002 13:52


Why are you talking about the CHP plant? And who's going to knock it down?

"Knocking it Down" would involve completely removing two of the basement floors of the Elctronic Engineering building... I'm no Civil Engineer, but i think that might disturb the foundations and possibly cause the most important edifice in College to collapse into the ground!

Mar 07 2002 14:24

Nah... its nowhere near the Huxley Building.

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