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C&GCU Colours Awarded

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Mar 12 2002 20:06

Today’s C&GCU AGM saw the awarding of colours to members who have given extraordinary service to the Union over the past year.

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Mar 12 2002 20:33

So, where are mine?!

Mar 12 2002 22:51

I don't think CGCU does Anti-Social Colours :)

Mar 13 2002 00:37


Mar 13 2002 10:40

I refer the Honourable Gentleman to the reply I gave some moments ago...


Mar 13 2002 13:40

Doesn't tha list cover most of C&G?

What did you have to do not to get colours?

Mar 13 2002 14:08

There are 4,200 students in the faculty of engineering.

So, no.

Mar 13 2002 17:05

oh. silly me.

Mar 13 2002 17:17

Both Mr Park and Mr Heeps are more than eligible to purchase C&G 'Hack Soc' ties. ?5 from the C&GCU office.

Mar 13 2002 18:51

While I am grateful to CGCU for my award of full colours I'm somewhat confused as to why Ash Arya (Dep rep - DoC) and Lia Davies (Chem Eng) did not receive at least full colours. They've been head and shoulders above the other Dep reps (including myself)...there are others who perhaps deserve more recognition than they've got...


p.s. Nice one Ron!

Mar 13 2002 19:09

The thinking of the colours committee is beyond mere human comprehension.

11. Sunil   
Mar 13 2002 20:44

Mustafa, who are you giving the Union General Award (UGA) to?

Shovi, if you'd thought the other dep reps deserved full colours, perhaps you should have nominated them for those colours.

12. Shovi   
Mar 14 2002 11:10


True...Curse my metal body I wasn't quick enough!

13. Ash   
Mar 14 2002 20:00

Shovi - thanks, very kind of you.

Guys, as my role as dep rep comes to an end can I say "thank you". I've had great fun being dep rep, and although I am fed up of the meetings and ICU politics - I have been left with an experience to treasure. Good luck to all of you in the future and keep up the good work.

Apr 18 2002 18:12

Shovi, the rules for awarding colours are here.

There will always be discontentment with what Colours Committee decide to do. Some will be left out, or under-recognised. Some will be over-recognised. (I for one don't see why I should get any award... as I don't think I have "given service to the Union beyond that expected of any position they hold" which are the minimum requirements for HALF colours.)

But I digress... at the end of the day the thoroughness of the Colours will depend on a) the objectivity of the volunteers who are elected to the committee; b) the willingness of as many members of the Union to submit honest and comprehensive nominations for those they feel deserving.

On the whole, I think this year's colours process has worked quite well. I have had the misfortune to serve on Colours committee for 3 years now and I can honestly say that Nick D. has handled the whole thing much better than any of his predecessors. (Incidentally, he did not get colours.)

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