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ULU's most popular sabb - EVER

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Mar 14 2002 21:23

But Davenport still got less votes than in a typical RCS election...

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Mar 14 2002 21:34

Hmmm ...

Considering the last election we did (Chem DepRep) had a 31.2% turnout, the Life Sciences elections that are currently running show good results so far and the Physical Sciences elections next week have more candidates standing than any C&G election for a long time, I don't think you've got much either to brag about or to hold against us.

And please stop linking to our site. We know it's really out of date, but there really doesn't seem much point in updating it now.

Mar 14 2002 21:37

That aside, well done Rob for getting such a high vote from the 120,000 members of ULU. Incredible, I'm sure you'll all agree.

It's good to see that the unfailing ULU democracy lives on.

Mar 14 2002 21:45

Really? How many candidates?

Mar 15 2002 10:15

With all due respect to Rob, the figure is completely meaningless...

5. idris   
Apr 20 2002 09:18

I don't see why one should give any respect to the man - by standing in such an election he only lends a corrupt system his support. Not as if he's actually going to use his new-found power to change anything I would have thought.

6. hmmm   
Apr 20 2002 16:08

RCSU out of date????

It doesn't work at all!!

Apr 20 2002 20:02

Considering that the C&G elections had over 90 candidates standing this year, I think we'd all be really interested in hearing how many candidates were actually standing in the Physical Sciences elections...

Apr 21 2002 16:05

Perhaps you could look here. 13.56% turnout, 2 Presidential candidates, 2 Treasurer candidates, 3 for Publications Officer.

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