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PhysSci Election Results

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Mar 25 2002 15:12

In their third vote in three weeks, Physical Sciences elect their new FSA committee.

Mar 25 2002 17:19

Isn't this nis

2. Bob   
Mar 25 2002 17:45

Well it seems to be coming But maybe that's becuase the RCSU website is broken!

Mar 26 2002 12:11

This is Live!. It's a site for reporting news from across the college. This is news. The two seem to go together.

Is there a problem with extending Live!'s coverage as much as possible? Or to get views from different perspectives? It's just a shame that RSM and ICSM don't report here more often. I'm sure they will, given time.

And yes, the RCSU website is broken. But then at this stage, there doesn't seem much point in fixing it.

Mar 26 2002 12:40

Live! reports on news from across Imperial College and beyond.

5. Bob   
Mar 26 2002 15:33

I completely agree Stuart. Live! is an unbiased and college wide news site. I was merely commenting that the RCSU website was broken.

The great beauty about Live! over somehting like Felix, is anyone can write an article, and there are no deadlines for issues. I look forward to more news from the RCSU.

6. Atul   
Mar 27 2002 13:28

Live! wins over Felix anyday!

7. Neil   
Mar 27 2002 23:59

Stuart... tsk tsk. First you vote to disband RCSU altogether, and now you steal the C+G website?


I guess I had better go running back to the RSM til we get swallowed up next year...

Seriously though - Live is da bomb (or something).

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