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Guilds President's Awards

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Apr 04 2002 13:22

In brief. Who got them. And why. (P.S. Sorry its late.)

Apr 04 2002 15:05

Barry Edmonstone


that's why i got it put on the back of my chem eng top 'cos no one else can spell it right!!!!!

Apr 04 2002 16:56


ha ha ha.


Apr 04 2002 17:46

Sorry! I *do* know how to spell it. It was just a typo.

Apr 05 2002 00:00

Are they funeral ties just like the RCS ones? :)

I do like the rather Fredian "Finance Offie" too...

Apr 05 2002 07:06

I think the letters RCS and the word funeral should not go together (as we are in mourning for the Queen Mother). We are a Royal College!

Apr 05 2002 16:53

Not quite funeral ties... they are a (very dark) navy blue with the coat of arms the Corporation of the City of London embroided on.

Quite dull, and not recognized by anyone (apart from people from City of London School who think you're one of their old boys). I never wear mine.

Apr 05 2002 17:04

I'm afraid to say that the Half Colours tie is by far the most interesting of the colours bunch. But that's the only one Mustafa can't wear...

8. Atul   
Apr 05 2002 18:40

A new generation of ties has to be designed.

Now get back to revision Mustafa/Oliver!

Apr 05 2002 18:55

Actually we have some very good ties. The colour ties aren't bad - they're just all a bit samish. The other guilds ties are very good, though.

Come and buy them ;-)!

10. Adrian   
Apr 06 2002 14:48

Why didn't you stand for DPFS Oliver? You've clearly got the killer instinct!

Apr 06 2002 18:11

As I have repeatedly said, to many, many people: I am not going to take a year out of my course.

Read into that what you will...

Apr 06 2002 21:35

And of course if you're really bored you could always treat yourself to a HackSoc tie :-)

13. Neil   
Apr 07 2002 00:18

not going to take a year out of your course? very sensible indeed.

does this perhaps mean that you might stand for DPF&S (or another position??) for the year after you finish? this would make you much more marketable to big business when your term is done.


I'm not a union hack, so I have no idea what I'm talking about obviously. :-p

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