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View from the West Bank

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Apr 15 2002 18:44

A peace activist (who happens to be a researcher in IC's Materials deptartment) provides Live! with his first-hand view of recent events.

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1. Mr X   
Apr 15 2002 22:47

Right. Try not to be targeted by the others using my favourite EM Wave as a psuedo.

I would fight against Israel by all means if I were Palestinian. The rudeness, brutality and arrogance they have displayed are as sickening as the Americna's.

Sadly, it was the US who started the war against terror and denied their breach of Geneva Convention. Israel took advantage of the Sep 11 and used all these facts as their political shield. A vicious cycle.

Israel and the US are the most patheic countires ever created. Restecp and 2 words "Keep it real".

2. Sunil   
Apr 17 2002 10:05

Would Israel have to take such brutal measures against members of the general Palestinian public if the terrorists had not based themselves (deliberately) in residential areas?

What Israel is doing is brutal, sickening and arrogant. What the terrorists are doing via suicide bombing is far more degrading, brutal and sickening.

No civilised country should ever give in to terrorists, regardless of the legitimacy of the cause they are fighting for. There are other legitimate means of securing closure.

3. Mosad   
Apr 17 2002 11:07

Terrorists in civililan areas? That's not how this Israeli solider saw it: [[BBC link]|].

And there are legitamete ways of achieving a cause. But they don't normally get ignored for 50 years or so by the rest of the world.

Apr 17 2002 15:41

This attack on Palestine is but a diversion. I have suddenly stopped hearing about Afghanistan where thousands of Muslims who bearly have enough food to live, have been slaughtered. The 'fight against terror' seemed stagnant and so the US passed the spot light over to Isreal giving it permission behind the scenes to fight. That way, by the time they come back into the lime-light with their attack on Iraq they will still be looking as good and as strong, instead of hopelessly promising the end of terrorism and not having the slightest clue where Osama bin Laden is!

Masters of the Civilised World!!! Yeh right...

5. Tim   
Apr 17 2002 17:25

I suppose people have a certain right to defend their land and sovernity. Cannot say who is more arrogant or more brutal.

But I blame the present leaders! And above all, I blame the Brits back in the 1930's when Palestine was under British Mandate. They turned a blind eye on the conflicts due to the large oil-deposite being found in Middle East. Then, the Rugby ball was spin-passed to the UN where matters were not resolved and escaleted to another level.

Who does not want to live in peace?

6. John   
Apr 18 2002 18:13

George Bush, apparently. He's got all those lovely nukes lying around and nowhere to use them...

And how come "rogue" nuclear states are perfectly acceptable if they happen to be mid-east US allies?

7. Neil   
Apr 18 2002 23:39

does anyone want to guess why america is (kind of) stepping in to (try to) diffuse this whole thing?

come one... it's an easy one... one word answer.


Apr 19 2002 13:27

I'd just like to say I agree wholeheartedly with the sentiments expressed here. Particularly Maliha Syeda.

To be honest, it's no suprise that Bush is getting up to this stuff, considering he's a PAEDOPHILE LIZARD MAN!!!

I recommend you all visit my site where you can learn about this and more.

9. Tim   
Apr 19 2002 16:19

Hoho...Icke? A visionary? Promising hopes? Cult Leader?

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