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Guilds abolishes its potato

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Apr 27 2002 19:47

Former RCS President uncerimoniously dumped as mascot.

1. John   
Apr 27 2002 22:18

May I suggest a guilds award for "Unintentionally Amusing Website of the Year". Put some railings and flaming torches over the photo section & we'd be able to charge tourists for admission!

Apr 28 2002 11:49

Can somone explain to me why Jason appears to have a black pole with two wires attached coming out of his head??????

Apr 29 2002 14:54

He was standing on my float and the shot was taken at an upward angle.

Apr 29 2002 15:31

He was actually STANDING? How did that come about?

Apr 29 2002 19:53

Actually, this article is incorrect. Jason the Potato was indeed violated last june, when two members of Black Hole decided that he needed a wash. They proceded to abduct him and escort him to the Round Pond, where they threw him in. Unfortunately Jason the potato weighed about the same as both of his assailents put together, and as he went in he grabed them and his momentum was sufficient to pull them into the pond with him. The resultant splash was heard for some distance around, and some astonished passers-by got a little wet.

Apr 29 2002 20:41

Well its too late to send us a ransom!

Apr 30 2002 01:49

I hardly think you would have been willing to pay one! For Jason? You're having a laugh!

8. Smut   
Apr 22 2003 19:49

Oh clean minded children of Imperial, HOW has nobody commented on "He was standing on my float and the shot was taken at an upward angle." ?!

Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!

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