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More twists in web porn saga

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Jun 04 2002 20:42

Live! continues to learn more sordid details in the Dinesh/Playboy scandal.

1. Sam   
Jun 04 2002 21:37

There are plenty of resources and disk space on the Union webserver to run a union porn site.

I'm just not sure what a "union porn site" is! does this refer to a site containing pictures of the union in compromising positions? does anyone really get that turned on by Beit Towers?

maybe it refers to a site populated by scantily clad union hacks - well that was tried for the easter carnival - and what a nasty sight it was!

of are you referring to a porn site to generate money for the union? if so, i feel it my duty to inform you that it is against the college and regulations...


Jun 04 2002 21:57

Does this mean my photo shoot has been cancelled? I do wish you wouldn't muck about with my diary...

Jun 04 2002 23:37

The burning question is: will Mustafa be able to keep to the straight and narrow during the remaining few months in office as C&G President?

4. John   
Jun 05 2002 10:34

Currently in Amsterdam doing my Graham Norton routine. Trust me, given some of the stuff on display here, they'd have no problem shifting naked union hack types. Sure I saw a transexual Andy Heeps lookalike.

*Pauses to be sick before returning to koffiehaus ambience*


Jun 05 2002 12:37

Can't wait to get out there in the Autumn!

And, what's all this knocking Heeps all of a sudden. Honestly, some people are just looking for an excuse for a moan.

Jun 05 2002 18:05

It wasn't a lookalike...

7. John   
Jun 06 2002 12:56

Oh dear God, think I need another holiday..

8. stef   
Jun 06 2002 13:04

regarding the current poll. Couldn't have whoever suggested had some female students in the list? You'll give Imperial a reputation:)

Jun 08 2002 03:04

no frankly my dear Stef, they couldn't

i personally don't know any female students.

the only editing that happened before the poll was placed was to replace the name of your dpfs, with someone eminently more attractive, Sam Sharpe - who i'm sure you will agree is by far the best looking Sabb, from your turn in office.

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