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Snippets - 12/7/2002

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Jul 12 2002 23:30

A totally harmless non-column: No-Euro; IC?s Chameleonic EEE Dept; The Shrinking Dinner; Slowly Softly

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1. Sam   
Jul 14 2002 18:45

Ummm, FYI...

although the EPoS system can take money in any currency, it's a lot of effort keeping up with exchange rates and stuff. As far as i know (and with this EpoS system i know quite a bit more than most...) the tills will not be configured for foreign currency - they can be setup at some future date - but they won't be configured to take EUROs at any time soon. (If i approved of a single currency, i might care more - but i like Sterling, and so do the people in the shop - so i doubt EUROs will be making an appearance at any time while i am at college)

Jul 14 2002 19:35

"while i am at college"...

Aren't you suppose to have graduated ;-)?

True, however. That said, Dave didn't seem to think that keeping up with the exchange rates was going to be a problem.

Jul 14 2002 21:15


Sterling- the original single currency of the world.

It hasn't done england, scotland, wales or northern ireland any harm having one type of currency with many regional variations of notes and coinage.

4. John   
Jul 15 2002 01:14

...although, of course, if we join the euro keeping up with exchange rates wouldn't be a problem.

On a completely related topic, Jonny to win Big Brother!

5. stef   
Jul 15 2002 09:26



or Kate

6. Tim   
Jul 15 2002 15:41

Keep Tim in to bring mirth to the nation

Get rid of Jade...PLEASE!!

Jul 15 2002 21:52


I can't believe that someone actually said "Jade has problems communicating [...]"

Do people have to state the bloody obvious!

Jul 16 2002 15:09

Imperial College Union, retail et al, has a responsibility to set the example to all other student unions.

As my honourable friend once said, "We are a no-nonsense union committed to keeping the pound".

Keeping track of the current exchange rate seems to be a fairly downward spiral anyway.

Now, if college started accepting Euros in payment for fees and accommodation, that might be a different matter. A union-run offshore conversion house springs to mind. Hmmm!

Jul 16 2002 18:26

I don't care what currency the shop takes. I just wish the Union would focus on making it less of a complete rip-off!

10. John   
Jul 16 2002 22:12

Dave, you're missing the point. EPOS systems and the Euro debate are never going to be as interesting as Jade covering herself in cooking oil to avoid getting sunburnt...

Don't you just love Summers?

Jul 17 2002 00:01

Be careful about complaining about lack of news... if you do that, Rob and I will start filling you all in on the apparent continual implosion of QMSU... which will just totally bore you all... :)

Jul 17 2002 00:39

You mean the modern day Star Chamber lead by a few who make Mugabe look democratic?

[bore] [Bore] [BORE]

Keep the Pound, btw!

Jul 17 2002 14:20

Go to axe shop; Go directly to axe shop; Do not pass go; Pass cash machine to collect ?200 to replace axe ground-down to non-existence... :)

14. Sam   
Jul 29 2002 13:13

Oliver, i'm still here. I failed, so i'll be here for another year. Watch your backs everybody!!!

Sterling rules O.K.

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