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Celebrated engineer to take the helm at UL

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Aug 06 2002 20:36

Sir Graeme Davies has been appointed to be the next Vice-Chancellor of the University of London from October 2003.

Aug 07 2002 11:02

Please, oh please run a spell checker... please?

Aug 07 2002 11:15

Though apart from that it's a very nice article :-)

Aug 07 2002 14:19

duly noted and corrected (we hope)

Aug 08 2002 12:04

Sheesh, you fly out to South Africa, and Live launches a campaign and they change VC on you!

However, this guy does not matter. Imperial College, London will be out before long. And anything has to be better that Zellick.

Aug 08 2002 18:50

[naive] Really? What's wrong with Prof Zellick? (Other than his objection to a 'RON' / New Election candidate in ULU sabb elections because he thinks RON is undemocratic!)

Aug 13 2002 00:34

TBH, I can see his point on that. At least he required legal elections (cf: Peter Taylor ranting at me at QM handover... *g*)

And don't even get me started on RON in multi-member STV...

Aug 21 2002 18:33

Right, well if he is going to be the last VC, we can't allow Princess Anne to be the last Chancellor. So, we should ask her to gracefully resign and ask the University Convocation (of which many of us can be members) to appoint Sir Richard asap. If he doesn't want it, then perhaps we could approach Floella Benjamin... or even Robert Mugabe...hmmm

Aug 22 2002 22:21

Isn't he joining the Army? Or is that Pol Pot?

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