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Save the comma!

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Aug 06 2002 21:49

Live! launches a campaign to save the comma in “Imperial College, London”.

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Aug 06 2002 22:16

This is another case of some students who think they have power trying to change something that other, more qualified, individuals decide and control.

With issues like this you can understand why the rector has taken some of his decisions without consulting the student body.

How important is a comma when you compare it to the possibility of ?10,000 per year tuition fees.

Maybe some individuals who have already signed this petition need to reassess what the student body really needs and not what makes them look big and important. 'Look we can make a fuss over nothing', yet again!!!

Aug 06 2002 23:24

Or perhaps many of the individuals who have signed have mastered that oh-so-difficult-trick of doing or caring about more than one thing at a time.

From his/her chosen alias, I think we can assume that this particular individual has chosen not to conform in this regard as well.

3. BLF   
Aug 07 2002 16:02

and after the comma campaign we would like to suggest the liberation of Biochemistry from Biosci becomes the next CGCU campaign

Aug 08 2002 16:53

The "non-conformist" is right - while this little "campaign" might have been intended as a silly-season diversion, it's also a complete waste of time and effort. The main outcome is that the instigators (Mustafa Arif et al.) look like a bunch of pedantic muppets who need to get out more.

There are plenty of things that actually need attention in thsi College - e.g. the future of student funding, the lack of Union support for postgrads, etc. Why not take the time do some proper research, foolowed by some sustained and well-thought out publicity, petitioning and so on. Please?

Aug 08 2002 17:40

Me? Pedantic? What does that make Oliver Pell? :-)

Seriously, I'm not that bothered about the accuracy of the comma as such (I could argue it either way...). I just find "ICL" rather irritating - especially when I see it written in more and more publications.

So, that (together with a spare 30 seconds) was why I created that petition on Tuesday. So far 120 people have signed which is about 119 more than I was expecting. In the process, Live! seem to have hijacked it as a "silly-season" campaign - which I don't mind, but I wish there was less emphasis on "the comma" and more on "ICL"!

Aug 09 2002 08:48

Well, the petition is hurting nobody and, who knows, someone in authority may actually pay some attention to it. I agree with Mustafa, ICL is a horrid abbreviation, so why should we stay quiet and take this name change no questions asked? It may seem a minor point in the grand scheme of things, but there is a principal at stake here - if lots of people don't like the loss of the comma surely they have a right to voice their dissent. If we take that away from them then we might as well hand back our right to complain about anything completely.

7. Sunil   
Aug 13 2002 02:41

I agree. ICL sounds like UCL, or worse like a defunct computer company.


It will affect how people think of us, in other words, the reputation of the college. Which will have an effect on most of us who will be alumni.

[Except for those who get second, third and lower class degrees who are beyond redemption anyway :)]

8. ceg   
Aug 13 2002 16:40

Well said Etienne..

Whilst it's nice to see Imperial students getting motivated by something, and even campaigning, it would be even nicer if it was about something slightly more important.

Whilst I do care about Imperial's name and brand, I care more about the poor treatment of students at Imperial/ student fees/ etc.

9. Sunil   
Aug 13 2002 19:21

Well... while I agree ICL is an awful name, I think having the comma there is worse. So I'm not signing.

To all those opposed to the petition, how is this petition getting in the way of any of the other work people are doing in the Union?

In fact, this is a lot more important and will directly affect more students than issues like halls of residence and student facilities which will cease to be relevant to students once they leave. The public image of the college is something that will affect all of us for years to come.

Aug 14 2002 19:54

All your comma are belong to us!!!!!

Aug 21 2002 13:36

On BBC Breakfast this morning there was a story about UCL which was continuously referred to as "University College". They seem to be moving in the opposite direction.

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