Sat 24 Feb 2018
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Residences reeling over “rats”

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Sep 04 2002 20:30

“No-one knows what’s happening” as Southside rodent-infestation continues unabated.

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Sep 04 2002 21:52

So Southside isn't likely to get a high rating from the English Tourist Board then? That is a surprise.

Reading manages to get a 4-star rating for their accommodation, so why can't the College get on and do something about the crapness of their halls?

Sep 05 2002 08:08

I didn't realise that the undergrads were back already...

Sep 05 2002 08:17

What is it about Deputy Presidents (E&W)?


4. Hick   
Sep 05 2002 14:11

Yous should give me a gosh-darnit pellet gun and I'll go shoot dem critters outta there.

Or maybe not...

Sep 05 2002 14:47

Whether they're rats or mice is frankly irrelevant. The point is that they are not supposed to be sniffing around Southside's kitchens. We can only assume that the fiasco that was last year's fumigation didn't help matters.

Is College actually intending to do something before the beginning of the new term? Or are they hoping that the problem will resolve itself in twenty years or so when they finally get round to refurbishing the place?

6. Tim   
Sep 05 2002 15:35

Without the lovely rats, London cannot be the London that I know of.

They are fairly happy chewing on students clothes and munching their food.


Sep 05 2002 17:32

Dere's a rat in ma kitchen, wot am I gonna do?

8. Fish   
Sep 05 2002 17:39

I think after the sabaticals they sent also the rats to Wilson House .... there is a whole family in my kitchen (42) since the beginning of last month, but apparently the administration does not care! Viva IC accommodation!

9. Dan L   
Sep 05 2002 18:35

There are also mice in Beit Quad. I think maybe the rodents follow the sabaticals around!

Sep 05 2002 19:23

Sounds like they're probably living in the fabled tunnels. Who wants to volunteer to go down there and flush them out?

11. idris   
Sep 05 2002 22:06

Describing our sabaticals as Pied Pipers of Beit is a tad generous in the way of praise, dontchafink?

Sep 06 2002 08:04

The sabbs ARE the rats.

Sep 06 2002 11:57

To blame the current DPEW is wrong. He has only been at the job for over a month and the rodent problem has been going on for a long while.

As long as he get's onto whoever deals with Health and Safety in halls and tries (to the very best of his abillity) to get them to sort it out, then that is the most that we can ask for.

14. Bob   
Sep 06 2002 13:59

I wonder if the sabatical Yacht has any rats on board apart from the President?

Or maybe they all left becuase they have no confidence in the ICU sabaticals!!

Sep 06 2002 15:23

Also to be fair to the sabbs they live in Wilson House too, which has rats as well. So they would know about this rat problem first hand!

16. Sunil   
Sep 07 2002 02:01

The biggest rats in college are the Medics!!! Do something about them... !

Sep 08 2002 22:37

Southside has been shut since the 6th of August. Although the bar, shop, conferencing and health centre are still open, the rest of it has been closed to clear the problem. Even the bar staff have commented on the significant reduction in numbers of mice, as they have their own trapping system running too.

Thus college is doing something for the new term, and has been for the past four weeks. The halls were open, and in use by VAC until the 6th of August, and were then closed to solve the problem. So why the article??? Something is and has been going on for the last month.

In fairness, maybe areas like the bar should be closed too, but the mice are on their way out. College wouldn't shut the hall, and stop making money from VAC, for no reason.

Sep 08 2002 22:45

Why the article?

Because you seem to know more about it than the relevant Deputy President!

19. FoM   
Sep 10 2002 14:10


"Medics" account for 25% of the undergraduates of the college, 50% of the staff and 70% of the college research income. Therefore, the faculty of medicine probably pays for your course, but its ok, we don't expect gratitude, just worship and all-round niceness.

20. C!   
Oct 07 2002 14:03

So 50% of the teaching budget goes on the 25% of students who happen to be medics?

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