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Robot Wars to feature IC machine

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Sep 16 2002 23:18

Live! has learnt that this weekend could see some C&G students and Faculty staff becoming TV icons

1. Tim   
Sep 17 2002 14:15

This piece of machine is a killer.

I have seen this beast myself. It is going to be a slaughter.

Sep 17 2002 21:05

Yes, it is rather wicked isn't it.

Sep 17 2002 21:31

Don't tell me its on one of those hundreds of digital channels nobody even knows about?

4. DanL   
Sep 17 2002 21:33

BBC Choice is pretty well known. I will try and record it, and see if we can get it turned into an MPEG for our web viewers

Sep 18 2002 19:27

Fear not mr Bhalla. Series VI will be screened later in the year on BBC 2.

6. Atul   
Sep 19 2002 12:41

Go for it IC! Show 'em hell, no mercy!

Sep 20 2002 07:15

Hey guys i thought the show's being axed

8. John   
Sep 20 2002 19:38

Oh well- that was short and sweet anyway.

Nice try though :)

Sep 20 2002 20:42

Yeah it was a bit of a damp squib. Some of the robots we disabled in qualifying got quite far on TV.

Our weapon stopped working on the first hit to 259. We dont know why cos it got really mullered after that.

We've been invited back to do Robotwars Extreme soon, It's a special university challenge edition, so we will be there representing Imperial. Shame we don't have enough money for spare anything. College come fourth (hint hint), or we'll promote the comma!

10. Gary   
Jan 30 2003 14:54

7:30 on BBC Choice Tonight - Infernal Contraption will be out for another go in the Robotwars arena. This time fighting for Imperial College in the "University Challenge".

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