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IC locked out

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Oct 01 2002 21:52

A ?joint police/security operation? sealed off the South Kensington campus for the first two days of the new term.

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Oct 01 2002 22:29

Surely 'joint police/security/big fuck off 6'10 black guys'

Oct 02 2002 14:38

It wasn't just fresher's handbooks that counted as proof of ID..

Staff have used anything and everything from Travel Cards to Health Club Membership Cards and still been waved through...

3. C!   
Oct 02 2002 19:48

Or even switch cards

Oct 03 2002 11:28

But it is impossible to secure college anyway. It has a great big gaping hole around Queens tower.

Oct 03 2002 20:09

Does anybody know *why* the security was so over the top? The grapevine whispered something of 'threats from animal rights activists' to me...

Oct 03 2002 20:12

OK. Ignore that. Yes, I read the article properly this time around.

Oct 05 2002 21:11

Maybe it was the NUS, in a new disguise... they like Rings of Steel...

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