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General Meeting Confusion

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Oct 04 2002 23:09

Chaos begins as room booking is declared null and void by the powers that be

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Oct 05 2002 22:38


If two room bookings you made have been cancelled then don't dress it up as an article. Just have a big, bitter rant - it will be far more entertaining.

Oct 06 2002 00:43

What is wrong with an article on room bookings - at least it is news....

3. Nisa   
Oct 06 2002 10:36

Bitter rantings are to be discouraged I think!

Oct 06 2002 12:29

Bitter rantings? Discouraged? You might as well just shut down the discussion forum...

5. eddie   
Oct 06 2002 12:39

hmmm, londonstatto raises the suggestion that we could build a website with calender of events and news, then not use the news, or really wish to allow comments, as someone might say what they think? Oh, and seemingly not use the calender for anything but some really interestng meetings (once freshers week is over)


6. eddie   
Oct 06 2002 12:47

well, he doesnt exactly raise it. just reminds me of it....

Oct 07 2002 01:46

And what you didn't mention, Ed, was how much the Union paid for it :-)

But don't forget, Etienne, Oliver, the Bald One and myself all got a shiny new toy to play with out of it.

8. anon   
Oct 09 2002 14:29

That picture of Sue Birley looks a lot like Mandy there something we're not being told?

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