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ULU "back" lecturers' strike

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Oct 09 2002 11:58

Federal union supports unions in action that is likely to affect students.

Oct 09 2002 12:57

Maybe they should ask to be paid as much as tube drivers

2. anon   
Oct 09 2002 14:30

David is council chair?

I think I'm about to die laughing.

Does he actually manage to shut up and let other people speak now?

Oct 10 2002 21:44

Actually David chaired the meeting extremely well, and should be commended for this.

Oct 11 2002 01:51

Yes, he kept things flowing nicely and seemed to do a better job than his predecessor.

Oct 11 2002 15:55

Good on ULU.

Shame Imperial can't do the same. I was saddened to read the article on the strike in Felix this week - particularly Imperial's delegation's lack of support for the strike.

If London Universities want to attract good quality staff (both academic and administrative), they need to pay them an adequate weighting to compensate for high cost of living in London.

Let's face it, we'd all agree that London students also need an improvement in allowances. Will Sen sit back apathetically when it comes to campaigning for that too?

Staff and students are all in this together and should support each other. I hope that when the students come to campaign on London allowances, Imperial's staff will be more supportive than Sen is being of the staff in their struggle..

Come to think of it... Who cares? Like Imperial student's are ever going to bother being political and actually fight for what's fair...

Oct 11 2002 22:10

Most students at IC don't care. Just like they don't care about being a non member of the NUS..... - Good for them

Oct 11 2002 22:49


Bear in mind that Imperial's academics are already some of the best paid in the country...

Oct 13 2002 01:20

Felix were being very economical when reporting that "the Imperial delegation voted against".

Senthooran (Pres) and one other voted against. Andrew (DPE&W) and one other voted in favour. Myself and one other sat on the fence.

(Sorry about the 'one other's but my memory of Ram/Nona/Tom is a little hazy except that they were asynchronous.)

So the IC delegation was as split as it could be.

Oct 13 2002 13:30

"Myself and one other sat on the fence."

Are you Nanji in disguise? :)

Seriously, I was very impressed with David, less impressed with Clare Wren, and shocked at the utter silence from the QM delegation... or maybe they feel that being just four of ten QM students on ULU Council now, they should just sit there doing nothing...

Oct 13 2002 13:52

Aside from an hour of elections, ULU Council, unsurprisingly for its first meeting of the year, was pretty non-contraversial and bland. No doubt this will change as the months roll on and some meaty stuff gets discussed.

Charlotte, ULU President, had the strike action and deal only communicated with her about 4 hours before the meeting, which required a decision (for or against) for the next morning. It was ULU Council making a gut instinct reaction, which more often than not can reflect the best solution... and sometimes is just too reactionary...

Oct 13 2002 14:03

I'm not sure I'd trust ULU Council to make a gut instinct reaction... but then, I'm not sure I'd trust ULU Council to make a decision when it had been in possession of all the facts for a month...

Incidentally, Rob, now you're back on ULU Council (for the first time since it was called GUC) can you please get them to repeal the Rob Park Memorial Standing Order (which, for those of you joining us late, is the "no alcohol to be drunk in ULU Council meetings"... if you want to know why, I'm sure Rob can explain it for you!)

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