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Heeps on Sykes

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Oct 14 2002 20:12

Andy Heeps wonders whether the announcements on merger and top-up fees show that Sir Richard is out of his depth

Oct 14 2002 23:44

The Union has really got to pull its finger out on this one. The tactics used by the College demand a swift response.

If Imperial goes down the 'top-up' fees route then it will not be long until other top universities and colleges go the same way and students will just become a cash cow for universities' research ideas. Being taught at a top institution will become the preserve of the rich and the very occasional (exceptionally bright) poor person.

Whatever the merits of the IC/UCL merger (and it does seem surreal) the top-up fees must be opposed vigorously. Don't let the one distract you from the other.

At the very least there should be an early referendum on top-up fees to show the strength of feeling against them.

And where is the fund-raising money we were looking forward to? I wasn't aware that the bonanza was going to come from the student body.

2. James   
Oct 14 2002 23:48

"give the College a coherent, single strategy around which we could unite":

First step - Charge students more money

Second step - Get more students

Oct 15 2002 01:20

I should clear up one misconception - from my understanding, Imperial will not go down the route of increasing fees unless other top insitutions do the same.

Think about what would happen if they didn't? A student could either pay ?12000 and go to Imperial. Or they could pay ?1000 and go to Bristol? It simply would not work.

Oct 15 2002 01:29

Represent your students now or pay the price.

Never fear running out of answers, just fear running out of questions...

I would never ever wish to interfere with my old Union, but there should be an extraordianry Council or General Meeting called for Thursday to discuss this... for your own sakes, you need to get the college to a) listen, b) take you seriously and c) moth ball it! Don't be steam-rolled by a Blarite clone....

Oct 15 2002 09:04

I have just looked at the morning papers. Cannot believe that there are no quotes from students.

What is going on? A couple of years ago ICU were regularly quoted in the national papers.

Did you even send a press release?

Oct 15 2002 10:37

Being one of those privileged enough to be working here, asking for your money, I can only sigh and agree with you Andy...

Why would Imperial Alumni want to give to the College amongst this confusion? We workers in the department are asking ourselves that question to. And can only wait and see... I know that I probably wouldn't...

But, on the flip side, it may make Companies and Trusts more likely to give..

Oct 15 2002 11:21

Chris (Jacko), press release? You gotta be kidding? Do you seriously think the current union officers have any balls?

Oct 15 2002 11:24

Anyone noticed how shortly after the Live! discussion blew up an email "from the Rector" (but do check the Word Properties to see the document author and who last saved it) was sent out to all students about UCL merger?

It was the same letter sent out the staff beginning "Dear Colleague" and stressing research benefits with no attempt to tailor it to students.

Panic measure?

Oct 15 2002 12:30

Probably Mustafa. I guess dickie's office figured that seeing as the letter was already being circulated amongst the student body, he may as well send it to students and make it look all official and not like he wasn't going to mention it to the students at all.

Well dodgy!

And you know what? I don't feel any better about any of this because of that very transparent move by/on behalf of the rector.

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