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Will Dickie walk the gauntlet?

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Oct 16 2002 21:06

There is going to be a protest on Friday regarding the issue of top-up fees.

Oct 16 2002 22:03


We've had a nice lot of press coverage this week... clearly with more to come.

What nice free publicity.


Oct 16 2002 22:29

This is one time in your life, you shouldn't be cynical - get active, get involved, or you're going to get f*cked

Oct 16 2002 22:41
Oct 16 2002 22:59

hmmm, thats not exactly the story according to the information i saw the other day. Looks like College currently has the BBC fooled.....

5. stoic   
Oct 16 2002 23:08

stoic currently has a few clips of interview with Chris Towler online available for download, or a low-res stream of the entire interview, half of which is ON the topic of top-up fees.

(relevant clips in low-res to follow)

Oct 17 2002 13:12

BBC seem to have changed their mind...

Oct 17 2002 15:28

The BBC has changed the text of that article - it orginally had mentions of the Union's opposition, including protest details, but now they have been removed... what's going on?

Oct 17 2002 15:30


<quote from>

"Imperial's student union has expressed outrage at the plans.

It plans to hold a silent protest outside the college council meeting on Friday morning.

At an emergency meeting on Wednesday evening, students vowed to oppose any fees increase, objecting to "the paper and the principles behind it" and arguing that "education should be free and accessible to all"."

Oct 17 2002 15:35

Good point - missed it there.

I thought it had more there to begin with though.

Interestingly, if you look at the date of the article it was updated at 15:06, lending backing to my idea that some stuff has been removed...

Oct 17 2002 16:07

CORRECTOMUNDO!, the story has been changed since this morning when details of the protest WERE at teh bottom of the story, as quoted by Nick. Looks like tricky Dicky knows a few people at the Beeb.. See you at the protest!

11. hmmm   
Oct 17 2002 18:23

Just out of interest, can someone clarify whether we, the silent overseas foreigners, are intended to benefit at all from this protest or any possible actions to oppose/reduce fees in the future? People seem to be forgetting that the overseas students happen to pay more than you would and (some) see that as justified. As long as my fees don't end up paying for hospitality management courses in Uni of Lower Shittington (or UCL for that matter ;) and goes to IC,L then that's fine with me, but something tells me I won't consider ten grand a very large sum in several years, so why should I care? Also don't you see that actually paying ofr your education _will_make_it_better_ and won't be a loss to IC. They will actually start liking undergraduates ;) Finally, I will have the benefit of saying that I went to IC several years down the line, when the prestige of this place will finally be recognised _out_side of it.

12. Adrian   
Oct 17 2002 19:35

The rather more major change to the BBC article linked above, which Mustafa was refering to, was that on wednesday pm it originally stated that the college had denied that it was discussing plans to introduce top-up fees. Now, after the release of the Stoic footage of Chris Towler on the internet proved that this was a complete lie, it has completely changed to show the truth of the situation. I was very dissappointed that they have just binned the old article, rather than leaving it up there to show the duplicitous nature of the college. That is the the true impact of the Rectors clought, not the removal of the info about the protest. There isn't evan a mention of the conflicting info comming out of college. It has just vanished into the ether. Does anybody actually have a copy of the original text?

Oct 17 2002 19:35

When the government removes the current funding for home/EU students (which it will), then I garuntee that all fees, including those for international students, will go up. Also, as students from the UK decide not to go to imperial due to economic reasons, the view of Imperial will decrease as the quality of student's decreases. This means your degree will end up being worth less in the future.

Please remember that we home students already have huge amounts of debt, and we don't need ?40,000 more at the end of it (?60,000 for medics). Education should be based on academic reasoning, not economic.

Oct 17 2002 19:53

I am glad to see the students ready to protest. I was very upset when the previous top-up fees were introduced, with little or no opposition across the UK. I wish I could also be at tomorrow's protest, but work has taken me overseas. I will be there in spirit, following all the news closely.

It seems like the government is helping Richard "Clint Eastwood" Sykes' vision by also recommending top-up fees. This is one tide that has to be turned.

The media's coverage is worrying. The Guardian's and BBC's websites are -at times- praising the new "superuniversity", while the Independent has yet to come up with an article on Sykes' plans.

Keep up the good work. We CAN and MUST make a difference.

15. hmmm   
Oct 18 2002 11:16

Mr Pigott, my point was not that overseas fees will go up, it is that no-one gave a flying fsck before. Secondly, debt-wise, I am very sorry, but you can't tell me how terryble it is to leave uni with 14 grand of debt, try 250 and you will be approaching the mark. Why so much, I hear you cry. Well, my next point is that IO went to a public school and (strangely) its education is considered top-notch, unlike the bog-standard comprehensives that so many of you friends went to. And yes, it was only for rich kids, and yes there were some people who did struggle with their CE exams, still, more money=better education that can make almost anyone good at something. Go figure.

Oct 18 2002 14:22

Dear hmmm,

I think that when universities offer someone a place, it is mainly based on the applicant's ability not on the reputaion of their education. Universities will be much more impressed with a good student who has done well from an average education, than someone who struggles to get good grades at a highly rated school.

Oct 18 2002 14:50

Dear hmmm,

If you chose to go to Public School, and not only that but to also pay for it yourself. Education in this country is free and a right up to the age of 18. If you decided that a "bog-standard comprehensive" was not good enough for you, then your wiling to pay the extortionate fees.

I, as with the majority of students, went to a state funded secondary shool/VIth form. Our parents, or ourselves, do not have the money to pay for this kind of education. This means that we will no longer be able to get the University Education that we deserve. This would have a knock on effect on the British Economy, causing what would most probably be a recesion due to the lack of highly skilled university taught people.

So try not to be so self justifing about your ?250k debt. It was your choice, not the governments.

Edward Piggott esq.

PS. Try starting at ?25k debt, not ?14k, and adding the new hyped up tuition fees, a grand total of ?65k. Perhaps you should contact the math's dept. for remedial maths classes.

PPS. Please tell me the name of your bank. Any place which is stupid enough to give someone ?250k without any garuntee that tthey'll get it back should be good to take money off of (I see a swiss bank account and an extended trip to the Bahamas!).

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