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Imperial deny THES’ ?15,000 story

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Oct 18 2002 14:46

IC disowns Sir Richard’s comments in today’s Times Higher Education Supplement.

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1. idris   
Oct 19 2002 06:09

Interesting document, this transparency review, obviously. I wonder whether anyone will have the balls to be transparent enough to make it public, in full? Or is that taking transparency a little too far, Dickie Boy?

Oct 22 2002 17:06

Again, why is Mustafa making so much of this when I heard from a very good source that he supports tuition fees.

Oct 22 2002 17:15

Again, I hate to disappoint you "Little Bird" but I have never supported elite universities charging top-up or differential fees. Do you have nothing constructive to contribute to this discussion?

If you are so sure of your convictions why not have the guts to tell us who you are?

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