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Students fail to curb war motion

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Nov 03 2002 23:09

In scenes reminiscent of a 1970s-style union general meeting, Queen Mary students oppose Iraq war and condemn American-Israel Mid East interference, but damage union in process.

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1. Seb   
Nov 04 2002 11:06

And I belive this is why ICU's points on politics are in place.

2. aqeel   
Nov 04 2002 12:37

Similar scenes at the LSE last week. A Motion to stage an occupationand teach-in in the main lecture theatre was passed despite our best efforts. However we did manage to get an amendment that meant the occupation would not cause any disruption to school events. In fact the tech-in went quite well and there was no damage. Fortunately Tony Giddens, our anti-war director, didn't mind that the teach-in was taking place, so long as no disruption was caused. I still feel that these issues have no place in a student union agenda.

Nov 04 2002 13:01

The original motion (ie: not the one tabled for the EGM) actually called for Union support for an occupation and Union "direct action" - this was ruled out of order and ultra vires by the powers that be. The proposers then agreed to change the substantive motion before the EGM.

4. Seb   
Nov 05 2002 13:45

What is the point of direct action if it dosn't actually disrupt anything?

"What do we want? GRADUAL REFORM! When do we want it? IN THE FULLNESS OF TIME!"

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