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NUS Offline

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Nov 05 2002 20:04

The company hosting NUS Online has called in the receivers.

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1. Sam   
Nov 05 2002 21:52

Suddenly all the comments about "Baldy breaking the ICU Webserver" here , here and here seem so much funnier...

I love the NUS, don't get me wrong, but their entire organisation sucks... deeply and totally... The question is, can i offer to host these websites on the Union webserver and charge other colleges for the privilege?

2. aqeel   
Nov 06 2002 01:26

yes, do it

Nov 06 2002 10:11

And nusonline is one of the reasons why NUS lost its charitable status. Doh!

I shall be meeting the NUS National Treasurer on Thursday evening... my rant-list is getting longer :-)

Nov 07 2002 12:48

NUSonline had nothing to do with NUS and charitable status - that's just a myth. On the other hand it was inaccessible, useless and expensive - why do you need more?

Nov 08 2002 00:16

Well, I understand it was to do with the sponsorship arrangements that NUS did with the web-hosting company - being that they made it a large commercial operation is why charitable status was revoked. The facts may be slightly different, but that was the gist from

Nov 08 2002 17:49

"inaccessible, useless and expensive" -- is that NUSonline, or just the NUS?

Nov 08 2002 19:11

Yes, probably...

I shall draft my article about the meeting of Queen Mary's Executive with Dervish, the NUS National Treasurer.

You will, at IC, enjoy it. Fact on fact :). And it will shead light for others...

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