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Bo? Birthday Parade

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Nov 10 2002 13:06

The City & Guilds College Union entry into this year?s Lord Mayor?s Show celebrated the centenary of mascot Bo?.

Nov 10 2002 22:21

Phew! The Show was a great success. After some last minute pleading with Dominic, I managed to get Clem in! He actually swore!

Everything went according to plan (if there ever was one!) except when the crappy generator broke down. I heard Oliver call it 'evil' the night before, whilst dragging it to the float and I think it decided to extract revenge!

I would like to thank Matthew Asher who was a great assistant.

Congratulations to James Arnold, cheif designer, who made an enormous cake which was stable enough to hold Nisa!

Thanks to Dan & Crew for wiring up the float. I had no clue as to what was going on in that dept. Cheers!

Cheers, Sumeet for turning up- at least you didn't disappear for a meeting! Oh, and also for securing sponsorship.

Neil M. - cheers for the unlimited use of your credit card...bit of platinum works wonders doesn't it?

A big thank you to Richard Tang who managed to put me into a state frenzied panic with his random comments, suggestions and questions. I really apprecaite it!

Thanks also to all the motor clubs, STOIC, juggling soc and skate soc for turing up.

Mustafa and Tom managed to get the crowd going with their crazy antics eh? Pity people on the other side only saw your backsides! Good thing Derrick was positioned the way he was or the Lord Mayor would have had full view of it!

Right, got to LMS withdrawal symptoms kicking in.

Once again, a massive thank you to everyone for making this event such a memorable one for me.

2. Atul   
Nov 11 2002 12:06

And well done Shrenik!... for coming in so late to the LMS game, picking up the pieces and getting it all going again.

As for withdrawal symptoms Shrenik, we have a nice project waiting for you....

Nov 11 2002 12:58

By the way, there is absolutely no way that matthew is going to DJ at next year's Show!

Nov 11 2002 17:45

oh dear....i have been drafted already! My holiday plans have just gone down the drain.

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