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Yes 2 Fees

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Nov 13 2002 14:45

Prince Albert thinks fees are a good thing. And he's pretty sure he can persuade you why.

1. idris   
Nov 13 2002 16:54

What happened to the dubonnet and gin?

2. Tim   
Nov 14 2002 11:59

Thie dude is crazy...!!!

3. tom   
Nov 14 2002 12:54

Mind you, the alsatian Pinot blanc, or indeed the Badische Weissburgunder, is far superior to most of the Pinot blanc available from the rest of France, or indeed the New World. But why would you want to deny the proletariat the chance to learn about these fine olfactory sensations? If we don't let them know, we'll forever only be able to buy Blue Nun and Jacobs Creek from the supermarket.... You don't need a degree to become supply chain manger for tescos....

4. N/A   
Nov 14 2002 16:24

I suspect that was supposed to be sarcasm, or witty and funny.

It wasn't. Far too close to reality to be original or funny.

Nov 14 2002 18:37

Since Being working class is like masturbating, then I am sure WE (working class) will have no problems financing higher education through semen donations.

That will also increase the amount of population that could say that their grandad was a miner!

Kind regards

Nov 14 2002 18:52

Sheesh! Now I know why Prince Albert has a reputation in the Med School!

Nov 15 2002 09:32

I do agree with the Chardonnay comment - it's rank! (aside from Chablis, which is Chardonnay...)

An excellent bonus for the no2fees campaign, if I may say!

Nov 15 2002 16:23

Dear nocomment

May I suggest you register the alias nosenseofhumoureither ?

9. Me   
Nov 16 2002 03:03


Uncalled for harshnes. Maybe Prince Albert should consult one of the many dictionaries he must have and look up what humour is

10. eeb99   
Nov 16 2002 23:03

So I'm the only reader who found it funny? Cheer up! (And what's all that about dictionaries?)

Nov 17 2002 13:01

no wonder everyone thinks you're a dick when you come out with crap like this.

does it piss you off that i've paid nothing for my education (including imperial) and got just as far as you?

i bet you used to play that wanking game with the cream crackers in your posh school dorm...

Nov 17 2002 14:57

I think some people on this thread need to learn about SATIRE.

Nov 17 2002 22:27

I didnt find this remotely funny.

Maybe Prince Albert would like to come out behind his computer and discuss this with me privately.

14. Seb   
Nov 17 2002 23:25


I wonder what they made/would make of Chris Morris "Brass Eye".

Nov 17 2002 23:40

Right (or wrong) to reply: Of course it's satire, you dolts. The point of which being to demonstrate the lunacy behind any remotely pro-fees mentality.

I did try to email you, Mr LiveSUCKS, but doesn't appear to be a valid address: perhaps you might email me for an altercation.

And the cream crackers would only have gone to waste anyway...

Nov 18 2002 02:58

Seb, I think this was more akin to Harry Enfield's (in)famous "Tory Boy" character sketch, rather than Brass Eye.

17. Seb   
Nov 18 2002 12:00

I was thinking of the Drugs episode:

"Of course, I do the Horse in moderation. But what about people that are poorer, less middle class than me?"

Nov 18 2002 12:52

I don't actually watch Brass Eye. So was thinking of the child abuse one - the only that kicked up a *big* fuss :-)

19. Oli   
Nov 25 2002 12:30

Classic! more please!

20. John   
Nov 25 2002 15:53

Prince Albert- people at Imperial don't always get satire. I found that out the hard way...

BTW, a word of warning- if you sell your sperm your anonymity isn't actually guaranteed. So if you want a string of surprise visitors in ten years time, go for it!

21. Seb   
Nov 25 2002 16:46

Yeah, the Paedophilia was put on at eaxctly the right time.

The rest of the series was 96/97 and were on the usual topics (Animal cruelty, drugs, crime, bad science, decline etc.)

Once you watch brass eye, you can never watch a news programme again without thinking of the stupid graphics, bad statistics and hyperbole.

22. jon   
Dec 19 2002 03:14

It's a nice life if you can afford it. Of course we would all like to enjoy the finer things in life, but some of us have financial constraints. Imperial college is an institution of academic elitism, not social elitism. If you want social elitism Prince Albert, go to Oxbridge - or didn't they want you.

23. mm   
Feb 21 2004 21:30

Caius College, Cambridge rejected Prince Albert...but he told everyone at IC that he didn't apply...

24. amram   
Feb 21 2004 22:16

I think you mean Gonville and Caius!

Feb 21 2004 23:30

Is everyone at Imperial not a closet Cambridge reject?

Most people I know here are!

26. amram   
Feb 22 2004 00:10

No. there are some Oxford rejects too!

Also some prefer to study at IC "because it is the best place for this subject"....

Feb 22 2004 09:55

Gonville and Caius, indeed - but no-one actually at Cambridge uses its full name. Imperial may be the "best" place to study certain subjects (depending on which league tables you believe) but, as I'm sure Prince Albert daily regrets, there's nothing quite like having "Cantab" after your degree...

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