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Cambridge breaks ranks on fees

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Nov 14 2002 15:13

University of Cambridge publicly express concerns on top-up fees.

Nov 14 2002 16:26

I guess that is, more or less, good news. Does issueing the paper mean an official, unconditional "No!", or merely a "it might not be a good idea"?

Either way, without Cambridge, the entire top-up fee issue would dissolve into thin air. After all, who would come to IC if Cambridge offered education for 10000 pounds less per year, at a similar quality? (Well, apart from rich kids hoping to buy their degree, of course!)

2. Tim   
Nov 14 2002 19:34

I reckon more exciting news will be coming over this weekend.

3. Seb   
Nov 14 2002 20:32

Take careful note of the press release: All cambridge has said is that they will not introduce top up fees unless, only that they will not intriduce top up fees unless the government shows that it will not affect access. This is little more than a slightly more robust version of the caveats that Sykes imposed.

I wonder what Cambridge will consider adequate proof from the government that access is not affected? Especially since Government currently denies that the regime we have now has affected access, despite evidence to the contrary.

4. Sunil   
Nov 14 2002 23:16

I agree, this smells just like a wee bit of posturing on Cambridge and the Russell Group's part to have some sort of half-assed public opposition to the scheme. Then when Cambridge (apparently reluctantly) does "capitulate", any remaining opposition will have to quieten down.

5. idris   
Nov 15 2002 00:49

It would be nice to know whether the agreed statement is v much watered down from what CUSU wanted to see. This might give insight into whether it is all part of a Russel plan as Sunil says, or genuine objection.

Nov 15 2002 12:09

But Clarke said in Hp that he will stand by manifesto. No fees top until next parliment at least.

7. aqeel   
Nov 15 2002 13:58

no fees until next parliament. but the discussion about fees is now. And the question of whether legislation will be introduced in this parliament has not been answered

8. idris   
Nov 15 2002 16:21

Quite right: they can pass the legislation introducing fees whenever they like, so long as the fees themselves don't come in until 2004. Cunning, eh?

Nov 15 2002 20:13

And el tony and margret hodge both seem pretty keen on the idea...

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