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Lecturers' strike fails to bite

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Nov 14 2002 19:05

The effect of the strike about London Weighting appears to have been less than devastating to Imperial College.

Nov 15 2002 01:02

My French teacher said the Humanities department decided not to strike because they felt action on one day would achieve nothing. Had it been a week-long strike, however, they would have joined in!

2. tomt   
Nov 15 2002 09:39

Had they (a) organised it to coincide with another teaching strike later this month and (b) been able to avoid the fireman strike, which got 1,000,000 times more coverage, then they may have had an effect. As for the lecturers who turned up - well they obviously don't feel they need the extra money if they didn't strike. Yet another reason why I won't be becoming an academic...

Nov 15 2002 11:58

Or perhaps those lecturers who taught yesterday felt they had a duty to their students???????

Nov 15 2002 12:10

my french teacher was on strike yesterday.. so i thought.. i didn't go to the lesson- maybe i should have

5. simon   
Nov 15 2002 13:12

Well, I only had one hour yesterday out of a possible five.

6. John   
Nov 15 2002 13:49

Lectures. Muhaha!

Sorry, have to do that. Sounds like a hideously poorly timed strike. At the very least they could have boosted coverage by going out "in sympathy".

7. tomt   
Nov 15 2002 16:10

surely not,

I think all lecturers believe they have a duty to their students - that's partly why they're academics, isn't it? Doesn't mean that they deserve to have a lower standard of living just because they teach in London, or even just because they teach. Pension fund managers have a duty to their fund stakeholders, don't they? And recently haven't been doing too well anyway (cf equitable life). They still take home masses more money at the end of the day even if they do fuck up, but does anyone complain? I think pension fund contributors should withdraw all their money and rely on the government to whom they've been paying lots of taxes to provide them with a decent pension. *HAHAHAHAHAHAHA rib tickling joke that one*

8. Neil   
Nov 19 2002 13:27

maybe we should have backed them up with our own strike - thats what I did anyway.

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