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The End Of SOLE

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Dec 12 2002 15:23

The Prelude Of Disaster Has Been Played. What We Want Is A Peaceful Symphony

Dec 12 2002 17:07

I would at this point like to point out that DoC CSG emailed me at numerous points to inform me of different ways to enable/change my ICT password.

I would argue that CSG made it as easy as possible for students to use the system.

I didn't take part in the survey, but then that's my personal choice.

Dec 12 2002 18:02

Well I did. And I was impressed.

All of my modules were there. The speed of the site was exceptional. The layout needed some work but was clear, readable and informative.

I look forward to an expansion of the participation rates now that the hacks have finally cottoned onto the fact that this is a good thing, designed for the benefits of students.

SOLE rules!

Dec 13 2002 03:15

So where are my 50 free print credits then?

I wonder how much college paid for that website - which in my opinion was badly designed, and rather basic.

Do you think they studied HCI?

Dec 13 2002 12:05

Does anybody at live read the articles before they are posted other than the poster? It is obvious that the person who wrote this article is virtually illiterate: Half the sentences aren't sentences; Half paragraphs should be joined together so that they are paragraphs rather than sentences; and what is a "Director of Undergraduate"?

5. Tim   
Dec 13 2002 16:47

Hi annoynomous

It was written originally for a massive ranting. After annoying a few people in College, I decieded to tone myself down. Of course, my crazy truncating and editing turned the whole thing into a piece of malarky.

Excuse my poor English proficiency. I will put my English standard to be beginner level in all application forms from now on.

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