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Wonderland : Carnival with a difference

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Dec 15 2002 18:27

Under new management, Union Ents is making a come back.

1. Dan   
Dec 15 2002 19:36

Well, I for one had a fantastic time. And so did everyone I went with. It was bloodey great! Fit women, fit men, class music, cheap drinks... who needs anything more on a Friday night? And it's Christmas! Woohoo!

Whoever this Malclom chap is, I hope he stays around.

2. Dan L   
Dec 15 2002 20:11

Dan, glad you had a good time. Next time could you submit your own e-mail address rather than mine!

The carnival was packed out despite the medics holding a rival event at CX, and apparently it also didn't make a loss - unlike a number of previous one's in the past few years.

Let's hope it is the start of a new trend for quality ents at ICU.

Dec 15 2002 20:31

I would be surprised if it didn't make a loss, given that a sizeable overspend on the budget had been authorised. Still, let's hope that the union is now on the road to recovery :-).

Dec 15 2002 21:58

Well maybe Ents and Bars takings would be up if people used CX. From what I heard because medics are going to a local pub which sponsors their rugby team the union are losing out.

Dec 16 2002 00:32

Medics have indeed been frequenting a local pub - the O.S.P. on Fulham Palace Road - following a couple of tiffs with the ICU Bar Admin staff at CX.

The O.S.P. were getting our custom by offering drinks cheaper than at CX. CX have therefore retaliated with drinks promos of their own.

A sage move therefore given our now cheaper drinks, non?

Dec 16 2002 23:23

Random Student is far too random for his own good. He is fairly out of date: the sponsorship deals with Walkabout in Shepherd's Bush fell apart when they didn't pay up.

And Prince A should be ashamed of himself, touting the OSP, indeed. It's the only place in Hammesmith where the food is worse than the Puzzle's, the atmosphere more lacking than in Wetherspoons and the clientelle more absent than the Reynolds. I thought he had more taste.

Dec 16 2002 23:37

I think you will find that the 2nd year medic reugby team is sponsored by OSP.

So maybe better informed should become better informed!

Dec 17 2002 00:45

I would just like to congratulate the dj's in the UDH on friday. They made my massively long shift that bit easier. In particular one female dj (you know who you are)who ket ramdomly wandering in, falling asleep on her feet due to lack of sleep!

Great night by all acccounts, nice one ents

Dec 17 2002 00:46

i would just like to point that i can't spell worth toffee

Dec 17 2002 00:48

i wasn't actually asleep! glad the night went so well and i hope we have the same success for next year!

(and everyone better make my jazz cafe next term a big success by coming along! looking for jazz musicians who want to play if anyone is interested?)

Have a good xmas

11. Editor   
Dec 17 2002 10:14

If you have a problem with the way Ents are run, then I suggest you contact . Because of the personal nature of the previous posting it has been removed.

20ooooooooohcheeky! I suggest you talk to Ents about your problem with the DJ(s) than use the Live! forum to make personal attacks.

12. Andy   
Dec 17 2002 13:06

Surely compliments about staff are personal comments, as well as insults? Therefore either both should be removed or none. That's what the staff-student policy says - no comments at all...

Dec 18 2002 00:41

Odd how the listing says there was a post at 8 something pm today, whilst the last is Mr Heeps' comment at 3 something pm.

Makes you wonder what they said....

out of interest. do the live! editors say why a post was rmoved? or just cull 'em?

14. Editor   
Dec 18 2002 10:25

It depends how bored we are :-). Posts are removed from the discussion so rarely that we don't have a standard way of doing it.

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