Tue 20 Feb 2018
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Live! Poll Blunder Revealed

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Jan 20 2003 11:51

The Live! poll suggestion system has been fixed - barely months after the problem began.

Jan 20 2003 14:17

Have you fixed the issue that lets a certain bald person change the poll results as is his whim?

Jan 20 2003 17:10


Said person has access to the CGCU Webserver, and knows the root db password.

However i only enhance funny votes, not any of political or social significance.

Also i haven't fixed any recently, although someone who lives with me noticed a broken cookie some weeks ago and has been happily voting multiple times per poll..

oh well, such is life!

Jan 20 2003 18:42

I'd have thought it would be truely hard to modify any Live! polls "of political or social significance"...

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