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IC in Robot Wars 'University Challenge'

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Jan 30 2003 20:18

This evening saw 'Infernal Contraption', the Imperial College robot, star in a University Challenge episode of Robot Wars on BBC Choice.

1. Sam   
Jan 30 2003 21:05

BBC Choice????

BBC Choice????

That's not on my channel list I only have 5...

2. ant   
Jan 30 2003 23:17

but Southside has it :-) even if the chairs aren't exactly 'comfortable'

3. Chris   
Jan 30 2003 23:34

I would have watched it but no one told me :(

4. Gary   
Jan 30 2003 23:52

"At some point the Imperial robot?s weapon seemed to lose any energy it might once have had" - That was because the link in the chain that drove the disc fell out of it's own accord.

We have now replaced the chain with a V-Belt which won't suffer from this problem and is also lighter, which will enable us to make improvements elsewhere on the robot due to the weight saving.

"I would have watched it but no one told me :(" - don't worry, it'll be on 'proper' TV at some point, and we'll let people know when that's on....

Jan 31 2003 00:12

We let the press office sort out our branding, which they did at very short notice.

The episode will be on BBC2 in "late spring".

I haven't seen the program yet, but we did have major control issues, which was the main cause of our wandering.

We knocked the removable link out of Sgt bash, but I bet they edited that out. I'll have to have a word with my agent, such insubordination is not acceptable.

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