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Geek wins ?1000 in Ideas Challenge

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Jan 31 2001 15:39

Andre plans to spend his prize money on his partner at South Bank

Jan 31 2001 21:24

Why is this Andre guy so famous on this web site? It looks like someone is jealous of him.

Feb 05 2001 11:34

Have you ever met the guy?

  • -sunil
Feb 05 2001 17:51

I've met him...he's fantastic

4. Josh   
May 02 2004 01:20

Yeah I met him...he used to go to my old school and I followed in his footsteps to edit the science magazine. Until recently, our prospectus had a pic of him sitting geekily on his suitcase on some grass "revising" with friends.

His brother Hadley is also a geek. Google him!

May 02 2004 21:56

I've met him. He went to the local public school (which had a strong rivalry with the state school I went to). He was also in the year above me in DoC - which would put him in the same year as you, Sunil.

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