Mon 19 Feb 2018
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Sherfield up in smoke

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Feb 07 2003 10:55

The Sherfield building was evacuated yesterday after a fire in one of the loading bays.

1. tom t   
Feb 07 2003 13:58

This HIGHLIGHTS the need for College not only to have its environmental policy, but also to IMPLEMENT the points therein!! If tonnes of flammable recyclable/reusable 'waste' didn't have to be compacted in an electrical machine, fires might break out less frequently!

Awful shame the fire didn't spread too far though...

Feb 07 2003 15:30

Maybe the compacter was full of old stationary that doesn't comply with rebranding.

Feb 07 2003 21:31

Surely you mean dilapidated, not delipidated ;-) Incidentally, both "dilapidate" and "delapidate" are in the dictionary, but definitely not "delipidate".

Feb 07 2003 21:50

Ho hum...

Feb 09 2003 16:35

Maybe we should move out all the admin staff who don't talk to students. They could go somewhere like Milton Keynes or Slough.

That's Sykesthoughtism for you.

Feb 09 2003 17:31

No, South Ken's quite pretty. He's more likely to move the students to Slough and keep the admin staff here.

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