Mon 19 Feb 2018
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Council Papers? What Papers?

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Feb 09 2003 17:13

ICU Council heads towards yet annother unprepared meeting.

Feb 10 2003 09:02

They're up now...

Feb 10 2003 10:09

...except for the Exec minutes. Which look like someone has copied the minutes from the Jan meeting into the Feb meeting directory. Certainly there are no minutes tabled from either December or January....

Feb 10 2003 17:19

Surely the solution for Council for lengthy papers which they haven't had the time to read is to reject them. Then they can read them at their leisure and approve them at the next meeting, if need be.


Feb 11 2003 10:32

Or howabout the chair rejecting them because they are too late? Can the chair do that?

He could at least warn the president, as the previous chair did (although to little effect, because spineless council members won't enforce discipline correctly)

Feb 11 2003 11:17


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